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Types of Medical Spa Procedures

Did you know that the medical spa market is more than relaxation services? Yes, one can expect facial treatments, hair removal, body shaping, tattoo removal, amongst other services. More so, the industry uses the latest technologies for skin care solutions, nutrition, and fitness. That’s why, when you visit Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett at the Bay Area Plastic Surgery & MediSpa Brentwood office; you know you are in the right hands. But, what kind of medical spa procedures should you expect to see? Here is a quick guide:

1. Medical Grade Chemical Peels

Are you struggling with sunburns or imperfect skin spots? Consider looking for a chemical peel session. Here, Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett uses a chemical solution on the face, hands, or neck to improve its look. He does this by letting the chemical start an exfoliation process that leaves the skin looking smoother and rejuvenated. Indeed, the chemical peels help to get rid of wrinkles, bringing back your youthful glow. Further, get either a medical-grade, medium, or deep chemical peel depending on the extent of the skin damage.

2. Aesthetician Services

A top-notch medical spa has aesthetician services that include facials, laser hair removal, Coolscupting, and scrubs. The procedures minimize the appearance of surgical scars, acne spots, and combat the aging process. If one is recovering from a skin disease outbreak, these services will speed up the recovery. In turn, the aesthetician will set up a series of appointments to discuss the patient’s skincare needs.

3. Botox and Filler Treatment

Our facial gestures alter the way our face looks with time. That is, the way we smile, frown, or laugh can result in wrinkles and fine lines appearing. Or, you may experience sagging skin. Other people notice bulging at various sections of their faces. Such issues are easy to correct without the need for surgery. Hence, the doctor may recommend a Botox or a filler treatment to correct the sag or bulge. The facelift procedures will last for years before needing removal.

4. Microdermabrasion

A microdermabrasion procedure uses a mild abrasive tool to buff the skin and remove its top layer. Typical devices used here include micro-particles or diamond-tipped wands. The tool sucks up all the dead cells leaving the chin, nose, chicks, and forehead exfoliated. In turn, the now exfoliated skin is free of any pore clogs. Plus, the facial complexion appears even and smoother. As a bonus, the process stimulates the production of collagen that fights wrinkle formation over time.

5. Intense Pulsed Light treatments (IPL)

Having spider veins, acne, or port wine stains can be unsightly. Then, opt for the IPL treatment to get rid of such blemishes. An IPL treatment involves using pulses of light to remove skin discoloration. Hence, the specialist uses a handheld gun to work on the skin’s pigmentation. This gun relies on the latest technologies to deliver precise, consistent, and safe results. The procedure may result in temporary pinkness or darkening on the once dark spots. However, such a reaction is to clear in 3 to 10 days after having the procedure.

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Facial skin conditions can deny you of your self-esteem. But, with experts like Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett, you get to pick a medical spa procedure that works for you. Hence, start by understanding the scope of work by the medical spa. Then, book an appointment to get the treatment.