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Patient Reviews

Take a look at what Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett’s cosmetic surgery patients have to say about their experience while in one of his Brentwood, Alameda or Oakland offices:

“Grateful I found the best!”
Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett recently revised my breast augmentation. I knew I was not happy with the original surgery I had by another surgeon, but I did not know why. As it turned out, one implant was lower and one pocket was bigger. The result was the nipples were offset and not at the same height.

Dr. Moulton-Barrett fixed the wrong pocket, narrowing it and lifting it. He pulled the nipples away from the sides so that after the surgery I had a small scar at the edge of the areola and I had matching breasts. Dr. Rex was caring, supportive and answered all my questions. He helped me feel at ease of any anxiety I felt. I recovered fast and comfortably.”

“Thank You Dr. Moulton-Barrett.”
After meeting several plastic surgeons I chose Dr. Moulton-Barret for my tummy tuck. He was down to earth, he gave me lots of information and he was very fair in his pricing. He was the only doctor who told me he would sit me up in the beach chair position to help remove all my stretch marks from the babies.

I was surprised after surgery to see that he was able to remove stretch marks above my belly button. Then he closed my scar in my bikini line and my belly button was made cute: small and the scar hidden. It was the work of an artist and I saw that he is a painter on his website.

To my surprise I lost 15 pounds over then next 4 months. I don’t eat much at dinner because he tightened my muscles like a corset and the doctor put me on a special diet and exercise program after surgery. Even the area down below was lifted and looked like before I had kids and when I was thinner.

Dr. Moulton-Barrett’s attention to detail was amazing, he used a pump with a numbing medicine which lasted about 5 days and the pain was not all that bad. I rented a surgery bed which kept my tummy folded for about 3 weeks so that there was no tension on my scar. Thank you Dr. Moulton-Barrett.”
Jenner Warren

“Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett, a great reconstructive Surgeon!”
I have been living with multiple sclerosis for over 10 years and was doing OK until about 1 1/2 years ago when I developed a leg ulcer that would not heal. Dr. Moulton-Barrett is a real reconstructive plastic surgeon and a true specialist. After months of visiting the emergency room several times in Berkeley, as well as my primary care doctor and a general surgeon, finally I was able to find a doctor that took care of me.

Dr. Moulton-Barrett used ultrasound to check that I was getting enough blood to my leg, he checked to make sure I did not have an infection, which it turns out I did and then after treating the infection with special antibiotics and a wet dressing which helped kill the bacteria, and helped healing without hurting my cells, I healed up over a period of just under 3 months. Dr. Moulton-Barrett: you are the best!”
Samuel Lambson

“I recommend Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett.”
After hunting the internet for a doctor who specialized in revision breast surgery I chose Dr Moulton-Barrett, of Alameda, Ca. I had breast augmentation surgery 12 years ago in southern California and my breast felt like hard rocks, they were tight and painful.

Dr. Moulton-Barrett pointed out that the silicone gel implants had probably ruptured and there were tight capsules around the implants. He removed the implants and he also removed the complete capsules. One implant ruptured and free silicone gel was in the pocket. The other was not ruptured but a tight scar had formed.

My implants have been replaced and my breast look and feel natural. I recommend Dr. Moulton-Barrett for revision breast surgery, he is extremely knowledgeable and personable too.”
Jennifer Purcell

“Wow! Dr. Moulton-Barrett.”
An amazing artist and professional. Best Plastic Surgeon anywhere! Perfect breast augmentation. I could not be happier!.”
Andi W.

“Fixed my hand.”
I had Dupytren’s Disease for 3 years which stopped me from extending my ring finger on my right hand. Dr. Moulton-Barrett released all the scar tissue and now I can straighten my finger. It was not very painful and so I am going to have him do the same on my left hand which I thought for many years could not be repaired.”
Bill M.

“Thank you Dr. Moulton-Barrett!”
Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett is a unique plastic surgeon who in addition to providing expert cosmetic surgery has helped me and many others who are wheelchair bound and bed bound with pressure sores to heal more quickly than by older or slow methods of bed rest and simple wound care. He uses a 2 step in hospital process which allowed me to heal quickly. First, he released my contracted hip and knee tendons which allowed me to put more even pressure on the buttocks, hips and thighs. It also allowed the nurses to turn me easily and without a great deal of discomfort.

I was placed in full leg and padded splints to continue straightening my very contracted hips and knees. Dr. Moulton-Barrett told me that he learnt this surgery from the literature for children with cerebral palsy who are contracted from disuse and atrophy. During the same initial operation my pressure sore was cleaned to healthy tissue and wound treatments were started.

Three days after surgery a sterile foam and vacuum machine was used to speed up the blood supply and then one week later the pressure sore was closed with a local muscle and skin. Dr. Moulton-Barrett used a special barbed suture under the skin which is very strong and dissolves after 1/2 a year. There were no sutures or staples to be removed and I healed without a problem. There was no difficulty positioning me face down in the operating room during this surgery because my legs could be straightened.

Because my legs were nearly straight I was able to heal without uncomfortable full body bed turns. This meant less risk tearing my flap during those turns and the site of my previous pressure sore was protected against continued pressure injury. I thank Dr. Moulton-Barrett for his thoughtful, ingenious and kind way of caring for me.”
Angela D.

“Just a few words of appreciation for your kindness and generosity towards me.”
Dear Dr. Moulton-Barrett, Just a few words of appreciation for your kindness and generosity towards me, had you not offered to overlook the fees I would not have been able to try this procedure. I hope that “what goes round comes around.” Wishing you and your lovely and happy holiday time. Fond regards, N.M.

“Dr. Moulton-Barret is the first Surgeon in Northern California to use the Sientra gummy bear implants.”
I had breast implant surgery by Dr. Moulton-Barrett. He used the Sientra brand of cohesive gel (gummy bear) implants.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.
I understand that Dr. Moulton-Barret is the first Surgeon in Northern California to use the Sientra gummy bear implants. They feel very natural and supple. No rippling.  They are made of silicone that will not migrate or leak.  The Sientra company was very, very accommodating to my needs as well.
My surgery was challenging because I have a chest condition called pectus excavatum which basically means one side of my chest/thorax is indented and looks smaller  than the other.  Dr. Moulton-Barrett used different size implants 300cc and 410cc  to give me the perfect balance.
I had no complications post op. The history and physical pre op was very thorough.   I usually have extreme nausea post operatively, but Dr. Moulton- Barrett made sure my medications pre op through post op would prevent nausea.

“Dr. Rex did a perfect job with my breast lift/augmentation and tummy tuck.”
The surgery center and office staff are very professional and friendly.
After years of putting in 2 hrs/day at the gym, I decided to seek help and get a mommy makeover. I can’t tell you how amazed I am with Dr. Rex and his whole staff. I knew he had an eye for detail, the confidence and experience but he completely exceeded my expectations.

For the first time in 33 years I looked in the mirror and didn’t see my flaws, I LOVE my body. My self esteem and confidence have never been this high and Dr. Rex did a perfect job with my breast lift/augmentation and tummy tuck.

“One of the best things about the whole procedure was my after care!”
One of the best things about the whole procedure was my after care! I had no pain for the first few days because he gave me Exparel, which is not common…yet. It was great, I was up the night of surgery reading books to my kids (of course I was in the medical bed) and feeling fairly well. Exparel replaces the need for the pain pump and it works great. My pain, never went past a 4; leaving the surgery center was about a 5  because of the car ride but not much after that. Ask about Exparel, highly recommend this!!!!!

“Awesome treatment and results.”
I am 16 days post op and have very little swelling, moving normally and honestly, looking at me, you would never know I had major surgery just two weeks ago.

I could keep going on because I am so happy and if you have any doubts just talk to Dr. Rex, he will change your life. The staff for the follow-up appts are extremely friendly and thorough also.
Went in for Laser and Botox treatment with nurse
Awesome treatment and results.
Very caring and gentle.
Would highly recommend.

“I would recommend him to anybody, his prices are very reasonable!”
Dr. Moulton-Barrett is one of the best plastic surgeons out there he does amazing work and leaves you with no worries just beautiful results that cannot be waited to show off…. After massive weight loss I found Dr. Moulton-Barrett who helped me fix my appearance of loose skin that weight loss had left me with and I was not to happy about but there was nothing that this doctor couldn’t fix to make feel and look like a super model ? I would recommend him to anybody, his prices are very reasonable and him and his staff are wonderful thank you Dr. Moulton- Barrett you are the best!

“I am very pleased with his care.”
I visited Dr. Moulton-Barrett with my chronic issue which my current doctor treated with medication, only to come back in few weeks, again and again. He was very attentive and personable with sense of humor, as well. He gave me few options but never pushed anything on me. I choose procedure which will eliminate my problem for good. He took care of that right away. I am very pleased with his care. Thank You. Arleta

“I am very pleased with the results.”
Very impressed with the courteous and professional atmosphere. Such a friendly staff, have been very helpful! Dr. Moulton-Barret was able to get me past my fears of the surgery, so that I could get the results I had been dreaming of. The offices were very nice. The staff knowledgeable. The whole process was smooth. Dr. Moulton-Barrett did an excellent job and I am very pleased with the results. The after care was amazing and I’m so glad I went to him. Now I have had friends who have gone to him as well, and they are equally as pleased. Highly recommend this doctor, and his staff! ?

“I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett and his staff.”
I have been going to Dr. Rex since moving to California 4 yrs ago, he is not only a great cosmetic surgeon but a great ear/nose/throat doctor… his staff is wonderful. I absolutely love Lisa S. Derita, she is patient, listens, and takes her time to make sure you are educated about any/all procedures, she is the BEST in fillers/botox/lasers and the only one I would TRUST to come near me with a needle, and cares about her patients. Her skin/looks speaks volumes in the beauty industry, beautiful…Dr.Rex did my daughters breast and they came out looking amazing (very very natural)…The front desk staff is amazing as well, always kind/pleasant/and helpful when I call or go in…I have been more than happy with Dr. Rex and his staff. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett and his staff for any reconstruction/cosmetic/or general ear/nose/throat issues…to any/all.

“Dr. Rex is SO professional, gentle, knowledgeable and skilled.”
I had to have my implants replaced from my previous surgery, a sub-cutaneous double mastectomy. Dr. Rex is SO professional, gentle, knowledgeable and skilled. I previously had my surgeries with one of thee top surgeon’s in Seattle and he was better! He suggested and used dermal substitutes which I can not say enough good things about. It created a “sling” where I used to have no support. I am so grateful to have had them suggested and used! His work and bed-side manner are lovely, as are those of the staff and my new favorite nurse Patty! I have to say that for the most part I am interested in results, not the personality of my doctor, but he gives you both. I would travel across the nation to use this doctor and will never let another surgeon work on me again. Do not hesitate to see him for a consultation in Alameda or Brentwood, and make sure you browse his website which is a plethora of valuable information. You will not be sorry!

“He and his staff are first rate!”
I have had 2 major surgeries with Dr. Moulton-Barrett and I have been and will always highly recommend him! He and his staff are first rate! They are classy and treat every client with respect and dignity! Not only is his work AMAZING but so is his pricing as well as bedside manners. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon, look NO FURTHER, Dr. Moulton-Barrett is your man! I can not praise him and his staff enough!!!
Lisa DeRita, R.N. at Dr. Moulton-Barrett’s office is fantastic! She does a great job with Botox and injectable fillers. The prices are reasonable and the staff is amazingly helpful!



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