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What is Fat Grafting Used For?

Fat grafting is a procedure that has been used for a while now in plastic and corrective surgery procedures. The procedure used involves removing of excess fat in areas where it is in excess with liposuction, and then replanting them in areas where they are needed. In...

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Types of Medical Spa Procedures

Types of Medical Spa ProceduresDid you know that the medical spa market is more than relaxation services? Yes, one can expect facial treatments, hair removal, body shaping, tattoo removal, amongst other services. More so, the industry uses the latest...

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Facelift Explained

A facelift is a common procedure that is used for the cosmetic enhancement of the face. When opting for a facelift, excess skin is removed for a more youthful appearance. Reshaping the face can create a new structural look, especially when removing...

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Cosmetic Surgery: Tummy Tuck Guide

The tummy tuck, which is also called an abdominoplasty, is a process of removing excess or accumulated fat around the abdomen. And at the same time, it tightens the walls of the abdominal muscles in order to remove sagging tummy skin. As a result, it helps patients to...

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