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You did your research, decided to pull the trigger and now you have a breast augmentation in the near future. Now what? There are some things you should consider before your surgery date that will better allow Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett and his team to do their best work. This will also benefit you as it means your surgery experience will be as smooth as possible and your recovery time will be minimal.

Things You Should Do

Undergoing a breast surgery such as augmentation isn’t something you can just show up for without preparing. Both you and Dr. Moulton-Barrett have things to do in the weeks leading up to your procedure, as well as on the day of, that will make the process simple and hassle-free.

Be an Early Riser

Rushing things will do nothing but up your stress and stress is very bad when going into surgery. Give yourself plenty of time to pack your stuff, prepare for the day, and show up to your appointment on time by getting up early.

Come As You Are

Leave your makeup and jewelry at home. As for clothes, you will want to wear something that is warm; many patients wake up from the procedure feeling somewhat cold. Also, make sure to pick shoes that are easy for you to slip on so that you can make changing a breeze before the procedure.

No Contacts, Only Glasses

If you require glasses or contacts to properly see, a breast augmentation is one of those times where you should only wear your glasses. While you will need to take them off just before going in for surgery, a pair of glasses is much easier to put take on and off than inserting contact lenses.

Things You Should Not Do

Failing to follow Dr. Moulton-Barrett’s instructions for surgery can lead to postponing your surgery, as certain requirements are medically necessary for your safety and the success of the surgery.

Ingest Anything After Midnight

To avoid complications due to the anesthesia, your stomach should be completely empty before any invasive surgical procedure, meaning that food and drink are off-limits during the morning of your breast augmentation. This also means you should eat dinner the day before on the early side and forego any snacking before bed.

Miss Your Anesthesiologist’s Phone Call

Your anesthesiologist will schedule a time to call you on the night before you come in for surgery. This is a vital phone call that will inform you of how the anesthesia will affect you. This information is indeed critical, as we may decide to cancel the scheduled procedure if you don’t have the conversation. In short, keep your phone handy for the entire day before surgery!

Stress Yourself Out

You have already done plenty of research into your options and figured out what you want done to achieve your desired results. You have also been sitting on this information for quite some time. You are being an informed consumer by doing everything you can do right before a procedure like a breast augmentation. Now that you’ve done all this work, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest quality care in the skilled hands and staff of Dr. Moulton-Barrett.

Breast Augmentation in Alameda and Brentwood, CA

For any questions about your upcoming breast augmentation, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett can provide answers. You can get in touch with him and his team by calling one of our convenient Bay Area office locations, or by filling out a contact form online.