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Sientra Gummy Bear Implants

sientra gummy bear implants

Sientra implants were recently FDA approved for use in the United States. They have been used for breast augmentation surgery for the past 35 years by plastic surgeons in Brazil. These new implants use a textured gel for superior results. They are shaped to fit the patient’s body for optimal aesthetic results. The C3 program offers patients a free replacement implant if patients undergo capsular contracture surgery two years after the initial augmentation. The gel can be cut and contoured to provide more natural feel and aesthetic results. This type of implant can be especially effective for patients that have Pectus Excavatum as the implant can be formed to fit flush against the existing contours of the chest wall. Gummy bear gel implants provide more options for surgeons and patients to achieve desired results with minimal scarring.

Before and after photos of Sientra Gummy Bear Implants breast augmentation surgery patients in the Bay Area, including Alameda, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton & Brentwood.

Sientra Augmentation

Sientra Augmentation

Sientra Augmentation

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