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ThermiRF is an advanced technology which utilizes a finely temperature controlled radio frequency heat to tighten the skin from the under under surface within the sub dermal soft tissue, micro-invasive ablation and coagulation of the facial nerve and as well as the non invasive treatment of skin laxity and wrinkles. Temperature regulated technology provides for a minimally invasive solution yet offers dramatic results utilizing minor incisions and reduced down time and lower risks of complications. The skin smoothens with Thermi-Smoooth which is applied directly on the surface of the skin and does not require needles or injections and heats the skin to 42 degrees C. Using an 18 guide needle under the skin, and without an incision, the under-surface of the skin may be tightened at 55-65C, fat may be melted at 70C. Using a pin point electrical stimulator, individual branches of the facial nerve may be disabled at 85C. There are five current clinical uses for this novel and safe technology.


For sub dermal heating to lift, tighten and rejuvenate the neck and chin, abdomen, arms and other body parts and for cellulite and usually without liposuction

Our most common application has been to tighten necks, inner arms and abdomens in patients who do not have enough laxity to benefit from a facelift, an arm lift or tummy tuck. Thermiesthetics developed an accurate and predictable way to deliver this energy to the deepest layer of the skin without causing surface burns!

Traditional light based treatments like lasers and IPL’s don’t penetrate deep enough into the tissues to impact the desired skin tightening without damaging the skin surface. ThermiTight® accomplishes this skin tightening via a tiny probe, the width of a needle which is inserted through the skin, to target the deepest layers of the skin without damaging the surface – moving the probe around in an organized pattern until the internal temperature averages 50 – 65 degrees Celsius, and at the same time, keeping the external skin below 42 degrees Celsius to avoid burns! The skin is observed using a special camera which measures the outer temperature as well.

Significant skin shrinkage occurs over a four month period following the treatment. Excellent skin tone will accentuate the improvement – this treatment will not help someone with very poor tone and a very significant skin excess. This treatment can be performed with a liposuction if an excess of fat is present, or as a solo procedure if excess fat is not an issue. The ThermiTight® procedure does not produce as dramatic a result as a skin excision – but is a far more minor procedure and does not leave the patient with surgical scars. This treatment is performed in a surgical suite, with or without oral sedatiion depending on the patient comfort level. Very small areas, like a neck, may be treated solely with a local anesthetic.


The ThermiDry® percutaneous ablation of axillary sweat glands has been designed for patients with excessive sweating called hyperhydrosis – a condition characterized by abnormally increased perspiration in excess of that required for the normal regulation of body temperature. This condition affects 2.8% of Americans, some 7.8 million people, and half of these suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis. Botox® will help dry up these hyperactive sweat glands but very large quantities (100 units per side), high cost, painful and frequent injections are required to control this condition with Botox®.

The ThermiDry® unipolar radiofrequency treatment can treat this condition equally effectively by heating the subdermal glands and knocking out their function during a one hour, minimally invasive procedure. Here again, an anesthesiologist is optional, but most patients will be more comfortable with intravenous sedatives.

This procedure is not meant for patients with a normal sweating pattern, and we would not consider taking someone to surgery to control standard sweating as an isolated procedure.


ThermiRase™, or Radio-frequency (RF) nerve ablation, has been in use throughout other medical specialties such as cardiology, pain management, and dermatology for nearly ten years. Now the same technology is being employed to ablate certain nerves that control the muscle movement in between the eyes.

ThermiRase™ is a minimally invasive procedure performed in our office with local anesthesia, usually taking approximately 30 minutes. The skin is cleansed and disinfected. An aesthetic may be injected to minimize discomfort. A radio-frequency probe tip is placed just under the skin. Controlled, low level energy impulses stimulate and identify the nerves that cause the muscle to contract. Once the correct nerve is identified, local anesthetic is given through the probe and a controlled radio frequency (RF) energy is administered to a portion of the nerve to disrupt its ability to contract the muscle related to the wrinkle

Like Botox®, the TermiRase™ procedure prevents the muscles from full function, and gives you a more relaxed and natural look. But unlike Botox®, which lasts about 2-4 months, ThermiRase™ results often continue to see smooth results for 12-18 months or longer.

In a recent study, the effect lasted more than one year in almost 80% of the subjects, thus validating the opportunity for a long term alternative to neurotoxins.

*Percutaneous Selective Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation of Glabellar Frown Lines Kim, et al Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2011 31:7

With ThermiRase™, a series of thermal lesions are created along the nerve pathways which control the muscles that cause frown lines. The effect is immediate.

22 days post single treatment

12 months post single treatment

ThermiSmooth For Wrinkles

The ThermiSmooth® treatment in a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, performed in an office setting, in which unipolar radio frequency energy is directed at the external skin to treat minor wrinkling. A series of 4-6 treatments are recommended for maximal improvement. Minimal improvement will be provided for minimal wrinkling. For patients with deeper wrinkles, a more aggressive treatment with a laser or deep peel will probably be more effective.


ThermiVA is an additional application of this technology designed for vaginal rejuvenation. A 2009 survey reported that 71% of women expressed concern about vaginal laxity and expressed interest in a non invasive treatment to tighten the vaginal lining – this implies that 6-8 million women are candidates for vaginal rejuvenation. The ThermiTight® probe is designed to slip into a vagina and to heat the lining to the target temperature to induce the desired tightening. A series of three procedures is recommended for optimal tightening. This is an office procedure that does not require sedation or an anesthetic.

A common question is, “how long will the results of this procedure last?” This is impossible to state in every case. Factors affecting the length of the improvement include overall health, physical conditioning, type of skin, and alterations in weight. It may be necessary to repeat this procedure to maintain the optimal result.

To find out more about available treatments and procedures, request a consultation with Dr. Moulton-Barrett at one of his Bay Area offices. Board certified plastic surgeon Rex Moulton-Barrett, M.D., offers advanced care and procedures for Bay Area residents. He has offices in Alameda and Brentwood, CA.

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