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Profound® RF

To find out more about how Profound RF can renew the appearance and texture of your skin, request a consultation using our online form.

What is Profound® RF?

The Profound® device is an advanced technology that uses radiofrequency microneedling to reduce wrinkles and cellulite. Unfortunately, with aging, there is 1% annual loss of collagen. When combined with a reduction in the working elastin, this can lead to sagging skin. Dermal Profound® treatment helps to improve the quality of the skin by increasing the body’s production of elastin, hyaluronic acid, and collagen. These are the three main components that help the skin to be supple, full, and smooth. The Profound® system is minimally invasive and uses a handheld device that emits heat through RF technology to remodel and contour the tissues in the treatment area. This device is completely safe to use the physician has complete control over the heat, depth, and the time of the treatment.

Our patients can enjoy the many benefits from the Profound® system such as reduced cellulite, diminished wrinkles, increased dermal volume, toned skin, minimal downtime, and more.

What to Expect During a Profound® Dermal Procedure?

Before your treatment, Dr. Moulton-Barrett will provide you with a list of steps to prepare. It is recommended to wear loose clothing in areas that will be treated. This will allow you to be more comfortable during and after the treatment. When you come in for your procedure, the area will be cleaned, and a topical anesthetic will be applied. Depending on whether you are getting treatment for wrinkles or for cellulite, there are two handheld devices. These are the Profound® dermal cartridge and the Profound® SubQ Cartridge.

Dermal Cartridge

The dermal cartridge is used to treat wrinkles and skin lesions on the face. It provides up to 37% skin tightening after 1 treatment and about 85% of the final results are seen within 12 weeks of the procedure.

The dermal cartridge is used to treat wrinkles and skin lesions on the face. It provides up to 37% skin tightening after 1 treatment and about 85% of the final results are seen within 12 weeks of the procedure.This handheld device has 5 small sets of needles that are applied to the skin. These needles deliver radio-frequency energy deep into the dermal layers of the skin. Collagen growth is stimulated through the small micro-wounds created with the needles, while the heat from the RF energy helps to boost elastin and hyaluronic acid. The result is smooth, healthy skin.

SUBQ Cartridge

This handheld device is used for cellulite. Patients will see a major improvement within 12 weeks of their procedure.

This device has seven sets of small needles that are applied to the treatment area. They act the same way as with the Dermal Cartridge and deliver heat deep into the dermis. The micro-wounds and the RF energy will produce new, healthy skin that is visibly smoother.

What to Expect During the Recovery For Profound® RF?

The Profound® Procedure can be performed under local anesthesia in-office. This treatment takes up to an hour to complete. The Profound® system offers patients great results with little-to-no downtime. The patient might feel sore and notice some swelling, bruising, and inflammation as the skin is healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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