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Botox, Daxibot, Dysport, Jeuveau, & Xeomin

Botox, Daxibot, Dysport, Jeuveau & Xeomin

Also known as a Wrinkle Reduction

What is Botox, Daxibot, Dysport, Jeuveau & Xeomin?

Some wrinkles, like those on the forehead and around the eyes, are caused by the contraction of tiny facial muscles. A certified healthcare provider can inject directly into these muscles and prevent muscle contractions, which causes the wrinkles to soften. It is more commonly used to treat wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth, and between the eyebrows.

When you squint or frown, the muscles between your brows contract, causing the skin to furrow and fold. Over time, as your skin ages and loses some of its elasticity, these repeated contractions can cause persistent frown lines. Botox is the brand name of a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which can cause botulism if consumed in large amounts. Causing paralysis by blocking signals from nerves to muscles. Botulinum toxin type A acts on nerve endings in muscles to prevent muscle fibers from contracting. By reducing these contractions, XEOMIN® can temporarily reduce the lines on your forehead between 

What to expect during the Botox, Daxibot, Dysport, Jeuveau & Xeomin procedures?

A Botox, Daxibot, Dysport, Jeuveau & Xeomin treatment only takes a few minutes and the results can be seen in just a few days. The treatment, which usually takes about 10-20 minutes, uses a fine needle to inject the Botox, Daxibot, Dysport, Jeuveau & Xeomin into specific facial muscles; the procedure requires no anesthesia and can take place right in your physician’s office. No anesthesia is required; however, your physician may use a topical anesthetic or cold pack to reduce any discomfort.

The results from a single treatment will generally last four to six months. The use of Botox, Daxibot, Dysport, Jeuveau & Xeomin on a regular basis every 4 months, typically 5-6 times in total, may lead to permanent weakness of the muscle which may provide long term wrinkle reduction without the need for continued injections.

What to expect during the recovery for Botox, Daxibot, Dysport, Jeuveau & Xeomin?

Some patients observed visible smoothing as early as 3-4 days after injection. The median first onset of effect was less than a week. The maximum effect typically occurs at 30 days. The typical duration of effect is up to 3 months, but may last significantly longer or shorter in individual patients.

After your treatment, you should avoid lying down for three to four hours and you shouldn’t rub the area for at least 12 hours after treatment. This can help prevent side effects, including eyelid drooping. You may experience some temporary bruising or a headache after a Botox treatment, but these side effects generally resolve after a few days.

Examples of Botox, Daxibot, Dysport, Jeuveau® & Xeomin Results:

Before and After of Xeomin

Before and After of Xeomin

Before and After of Botox

Before and After of Botox

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Profound RF last?

In most cases, Profound RF lasts about three years. This may vary for each patient.

Is Profound RF the same as Morpheus8?

Profound RF is more powerful than Morpheus8, as the energy reaches deeper tissues and treatment lasts a longer amount of time.

Does Profound RF tighten skin?

Profound RF is intended to tighten sagging skin and treat mild to moderate skin laxity. The treatment also improves overall texture.

Is Profound RF the same as microneedling?

Profound RF is a long pulse radiofrequency, or RF, microneedling device. This means that it combines microneedling treatment with radiofrequency energy to further stimulate collagen production.

Does Profound RF melt fat?

Profound RF treatment heats fat, which destroys the structure of the targeted fat cells. In doing so, the treatment reduces fat.

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