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The Perfect Peel

Also known as a Light to Medium Peel

What is The Perfect Peel?

The Perfect Peel  contains the following components: 10% phenol and 5 acids: tri-chloractic acid, retinoic acid, salicyclic acid, vitamin C and glutathione as well as a non hydroquinone based bleaching agent called kojic acid. In difference to the Obagi Nu-Derm system contains hydroquinone, a soap, and 4 peeling agents:12.5% glycolic, azelaic, alpha and beta hydroxyacids and retinae. It is the only peel that premieres glutathione as a founding component and is the only true anti-aging ingredient offered exclusively in our formula. The Perfect Peel works from the inside to repair and nourish the skin by giving it a radiant glow, refining pores, improving skin hyper-pigmentation, lifting melasma, controlling acne and preventing acne marks. Most importantly, the Glutathione element defies the aging process. Glutathione penetrates deep into the cellular level of the skin to fight oxidant damage and is the anti-aging answer to premature wrinkling. Glutathione is proven to reverse the melanin’s metabolism turning dark pigmentations (eumelanin) into lighter pigmentation (phaeomelanin).

There are 2 types of Perfect Peel: a peel for aging skin and a peel for acne. For each type of peel there is available a booster, called ‘Perfect Peel Plus Booster’ which can be added to increase the concentration of the components and deepen the peel and increase the bleaching process. Because, there is no hydroquinone containing product in the peel, patients who work or play in the sun, may have this peel. It also means hydroquinone containing products such a the Obaje Nu-Derm System should only be used by patients who will not be in the sun after the peel.

What to expect during the Perfect Peel procedure?

The Perfect Peel has a unique property, related to the phenol component, which provides anesthesia to the skin while reducing melanocyte activity and so peeling with little pain and simultaneous reduction of pigmentation. This means that pre-conditioning the skin prior to the peel is not necessary, in contrast to other peels: blue peel, a simple tri-chloracetic acid or other higher concentration acid peel as well as laser peels. Unlike the Baker Gordon Phenol Peel, which utilizes 80-90% phenol, the effect on the melanocyte is not permanent and permanent hypo-pigmentation will not occur.

What to expect during the recovery for the Perfect Peel?

The Perfect Peel is virtually painless, though you may feel a momentary, temporary stinging at one point during the 15-minute application. The perfect peel formula combines the right ingredients with the perfect natural acids. After the facial peel treatment, your skin will temporarily appear sunburned, or a bit darker. We will give you a recovery package exclusive which contains two Retin-A pads and a moisturizer. Use the Retin-A pads for two nights after your peel to enhance the effects of the treatment. Use the moisturizer as soon as your skin begins to peel, which usually happens on day three. During the recovery period, the ingredients and the acids interact with the skin to restore the skin cells. We recommend using mineral makeup for six days after the treatment, to allow the skin to undergo the natural restoration process. By day six, your skin should be fully recovered and completely gorgeous! In patients who tan easily, it is not uncommon to experience some transient hyper-pigmentation which reverses with subsequent peels.

What are the Benefits of the Perfect Peel?

The perfect peel is the beauty companion for any woman. Acne, sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration characterize skin problems. The sad thing is that none of these problems are avoidable. Hence, people must often seek ways to treat skin safely. The components of the perfect peel have unique benefits to the skin: prevents acne, smoothes fine lines, prevents hyper-pigmentation, enhances skin texture, and removes wrinkles, improves skin hydration, smoothens the skin, treats discoloration, cures hyper-pigmentation, and provides the glow.

Is Skin Preparation Required ?

For the other peels, the patient must undertake adequate skin preparation. This is not the case for the perfect peel. The formula is painless, easy to apply, and works faster on the skin. Unlike the other peels, the perfect peel can be used for all skin types, even for oily skin types.

How Many Treatments Would be Needed?

The frequency of the treatment depends on the skin condition. Further in patients with significant aged changes to the skin, the patient should expect to receive a series of 3 peels separated about 6 weeks apart. Every application comes with new results. One perfect peel treatment is usually enough to restore the natural skin complexion, glow, texture, and tone. After the second treatment, melasma and acne problems will start to improve.

How Does the Perfect Peel Help to Rejuvenate the Skin?

The perfect peel is revolutionary treatment. It is a chemical peel with a perfect combination of the right ingredients and in the safe ratio. The product will leave the skin healthier and more beautiful. Skin’s tone and texture determine whether the skin looks beautiful or not.
Age spots and sun damage marks make a woman feel less confident about her looks. Hyper-pigmentation is another problem. Skin tanning occurs when women are exposed to unfavorable climatic conditions. The perfect peel has ingredients that help to lighten and skin. This leaves the skin looking bright and beautiful.
Collagen is the crucial skin protein. The presence of collagen is associated with tight and youthful skin. Perfect peel has natural ingredients that help stimulate the production of collagen. Hence, it empowers the skin to undergo natural rejuvenation. It will help your skin to look youthful after just one application. It has powerful components that rejuvenate and restore the skin.

How the Perfect Peel is Different From Other Peels?

It is quite distinct from the other peels because of the use of glutathione as the primary component. Glutathione serves as the active anti-aging ingredients in the perfect peel’s formula. Unlike the other peels, the perfect peel formula comes with numerous benefits for the skin. It nourishes and repairs the skin from the inside.

Consequently, it lifts the skin melasma, refines the pores, clears the acne marks, enhances the skin hyperpigmentation, and controls acne. The perfect peel is the answer to individuals who suffer from premature wrinkling. The glutathione in the perfect peel penetrates deeper into the skin’s cellular level to fix the oxidant damage. Moreover, it reverses the metabolism of melanin thus turning dark into light pigmentation.
Besides, glutathione, it is composed of the following components: phenol, retinol, tri-chloractic acid, vitamin C, and salicylic acid. Therefore, it helps heal skin sun damage, removes blemishes, stimulates the production of collagen, and enhances skin repair. Phenol is especially useful during peeling. It helps numb the skin, making the process comfortable and enjoyable. The perfect peel is stronger than the other forms of peels. It is also the most comfortable and pain-free peel.

It was formulated with the aim of addressing all the needs of the skin. The other peels that had already been in the market had failed to incorporate the solutions to all the skin problems. For instance, before the perfect peel, chemical peels did not have the anti-aging agents. In addition, they were never formulated to address the issue of stretch marks, which is a constant problem for women. The perfect peel sealed the gap in these crucial areas by combining all the important ingredients with varied properties and uses.

What are the Components of the Perfect Peel and What are Their Benefits?

Salicylic is the most notable ingredient in the treatment of acne. Since it is oil soluble, it penetrates through the skin pores where it dislodges the debris and clears the pores. It also serves as the protecting element against the UV rays. Hence, it helps in the treatment of sun damage, lentigines, melasma, and skin hyperpigmentation.

Glutathione is the strongest ingredient in the perfect peel formula. The concentration of this element determines whether it functions as a medium or deep peel. Its strength means that it has far-reaching benefits on the skin. Glutathione boosts the production of collagen, straightens wrinkles, refines the skin texture, brightens skin tone, and cures acne and hyper-pigmentation. Glutathione is the most distinguished component of the formula. It serves as the only anti-aging ingredient. Its unique property helps to create the distinction between the perfect peel and the other peels.

Tri-chloractic acid has the most profound effect on the skin. Care must be taken when determining the ratio of the element to be used. Tri-chloractic acid comes with the following benefits: treating acne scars, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, and stretch marks. Hence, the perfect peel comes as a complete package with a wide range of benefits.

How Much Does the Perfect Peel Treatment Cost?

The perfect peel is an effective yet affordable chemical peeling product. The cost of application is lower because it does not require costly pre-peeling preparation. In addition, it needs only a mild cleanser after use. But the benefits of this product are immense. Please call our office for current pricing (925) 240-8775.

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