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Eyelid & Eyebrow Llift

Eyelid and Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Eyelid Repair Surgery

Also known as a Blepharoplasty

What is an Eyelid Repair?

If you have loose, droopy eyelids, you may be an excellent candidate for an eyelid lift, technically called blepharoplasty. First and foremost, you must understand the procedure  and have realistic expectations of what the eyelid surgery can and can’t do for your eyes.

In addition to the results mentioned above, an added benefit may be improved vision. If your existing vision issues are caused by excess or drooping skin blocking your vision, eyelid surgery may significantly improve your vision. In addition, if your sagging eyelids actually interfere with your vision, your health insurance may cover the cost of the procedure. You should be aware that while blepharoplasty does offer many benefits, it can not correct dark circles, fine lines or crow’s feet for information on these procedures, learn more about other cosmetic surgeries and skin treatments.

What to expect during the Eyelid Repair procedure


Blepharoplasty surgery is an outpatient procedure and may be done in our office, a surgical clinic, or the hospital. Eyelid surgery is typically performed using local anesthetic and intravenous sedation and the procedure takes between 30 to 90 minutes.

The incisions for the upper and lower blepharoplasty are made within the natural folds of the eyelids therefore; blepharoplasty surgery scars are quite often undetectable. In addition, the eyelid surgery offers little to no risk to your vision, as the eyeball is protected with a special guard that looks like a large contact lens during the procedure.

There is little, if any time for recovery from eyelid surgery. Immediately following the procedure, the surgeon will lubricate your eyes with an ointment and may apply a dressing, and then the very fine sutures are typically removed within two to five days.

What to expect during the recovery for the Eyelid Repair procedure?

Following an eyelift procedure, topical antibiotic ointment will be applied. Eye patches rarely are necessary. On the first day, you should apply cold packs each hour you are awake, for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time. The ice should reduce the swelling and keep bruising to a minimum. On the second day, apply cold packs every few hours for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time.
After 48 hours, warm compresses should be applied to promote faster healing.

While you recover, your eye area will be bruised and red with swollen eyes, particularly during the first few days. The whites of your eyes (sclera) also may become red and bloodshot. It may take a few weeks for healing to be complete, during which time you should not wear eye makeup.

Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Also known as a Browplasty

What is an Eyebrow Lift?

As we age, the skin around our eyebrows starts to sag, creating a tired and listless look. An Eyebrow lift – also known as a forehead lift – elevates the sagging portions of the eyebrows and restores a youthful and refreshed appearance. The muscles between the eyebrows that cause frown lines can be released to create a softer look.

The classic lift involves cosmetic surgery, by using one continuous cut beginning at the level of your ears and going up around your hairline. Depending on where your hairline is, the surgeon will work to avoid a visible scar.

What to expect during the Eyebrow Lift procedure?

Excess eyelid skin, droopy upper eyelids, and droopy eyebrows commonly occur in the same patient. It is not possible to achieve a good aesthetic and functional result unless all three problems are addressed. Your plastic surgeon will assess your problem, considering your hairline and hairstyle preferences, and make a recommendation that will yield the least scarring and the best cosmetic results. The brow-lift incisions will be based on the technique your surgeon uses and will result in scars. The incisions are generally placed so they will be well concealed, frequently within or at the hairline, or within a deep forehead crease.

What to expect during the recovery for the Eyebrow Lift procedure?

In either case, you will have stitches or staples that will need to be removed in about a week. If you have temporary fixation screws, your surgeon will remove them in about two weeks. These fixtures are installed beneath the hairline to hold the elevated brow in place.

You will probably have swelling and bruising, that can affect parts of your face that wasn’t operated on, including your cheeks and eyes. The swelling should be gone in about a week. For at least two days after the surgery, you should keep your head elevated to help ease the swelling, and you can gently apply ice packs to the affected region.

To find out more about available treatments and procedures, request a consultation with Dr. Moulton-Barrett at one of his Bay Area offices. Board certified plastic surgeon Rex Moulton-Barrett, M.D., offers advanced care and procedures for Bay Area residents. He has offices in Alameda and Brentwood, CA.

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