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Breast Explantation Gallery

Breast explantation is the surgical removal of a breast implant. Patients can opt to replace the implants or opt not to replace the implants after removal. One of the most common reasons patients report seeking breast plan removal in my practice is complications after getting breast augmentation.

Before and after photos of Breast Explantation Surgery patients in the Bay Area, including Alameda, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton & Brentwood.

Breast Explantation

Breast Explantation

Breast Explantation

Breast Explantation

It is important to recognize patient safety and well-being in a broader context. Most patients that seek breast explantation do not want to be further disfigured or experience excessive discomfort. Patient education is crucial to the success of surgical operations. It is important for patients to closely collaborate with an experienced surgeon that recognizes a variety of patient realities.

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Brentwood Location

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