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When it comes to achieving your best skin yet, there are a lot of options on the market. It can seem overwhelming looking for the best options for you, but our team can help. Profound RF is one of the best treatments available for rejuvenating your skin, so here’s what to know about it and how you can achieve your most confident self yet.

What is Profound RF?

Collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are three essential components of youthful skin. Collagen provides its firmness, elastin promotes a youthful spring, and hyaluronic acid maintains hydration for a full look. With the Profound RF procedure, Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett can preserve your skin’s youthful appearance by promoting the production of these important skin components.

As we age, these vital building blocks decrease in abundance, leading to wrinkles and volume loss. Profound RF is an innovative technology that combines long pulse radiofrequency with microneedling to promote the production of these important proteins. This is an amazing procedure in that it stimulates the body’s natural processes without harsh ingredients or incisions. It is FDA-approved for both the treatment of skin elasticity and cellulite. During a treatment, microneedles are inserted into the dermis (the middle portion of the skin). Here, it delivers the optimal heat temperature by radiofrequency. This introduces “injury” to the skin and triggers the body to begin its wound healing process, boosting these vital skin components.

Combining Profound RF with PRP

Not only is this the first device equipped to promote the production of all 3 skin components, but it can also be combined with PRP to enhance your results. PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a regenerative treatment that uses your body’s plasma to enhance the wound healing process stimulated by Profound RF. Plasma is the component of your blood that is most abundant in growth factors and wound healing elements. During the Profound RF Procedure, your plasma will be applied to your skin. It will be directed to the dermis with each microneedle introduction, greatly enhancing your results.

What to Expect After Your Procedure

The advantage of using your body’s healing mechanisms means a little more time is necessary to realize your full results. Expect to see your best outcome within 3-6 months following your treatment. Anticipate taking it easy for the week following the procedure. The side effects are minimal compared to invasive treatments but swelling and bruising are a realistic expectation with the Profound RF treatment. You’ll want to allow your body the proper rest for the best healing. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight and harsh heat exposure for best results.

Is Profound RF Right for Me?

Profound RF is an excellent procedure for a wide range of individuals as prevention or treatment. Skin laxity can occur not only with aging but with exciting life events like losing weight or having a baby. This treatment can improve skin laxity or as a preventative treatment against volume loss as you age. Undergoing Profound RF procedures throughout your 30s or 40s can help prevent the effects of the skin’s aging process. The results can be expected to last for 2–5 years.

During your consultation with our team, you’ll discuss your health history to determine whether Profound RF is right for you.

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