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Finding the right pediatric surgeon is extremely important when it comes to your child’s health and wellbeing. It can be overwhelming to think of adding another provider to your child’s healthcare team, but this is an important step in setting your child up to succeed. Here’s what to know about pediatric surgery and how to find the right specialist for your child’s needs.

What is a Pediatric Surgeon?

Sometimes, surgery is necessary for your child because of things like disease, injuries, or illness. In this case, a pediatric surgeon with the right qualifications and experience will be the best option for treating your child. This is because pediatric surgeons usually treat different types of issues than those often handled by a general surgeon for adults. This is the reason pediatric training is important.

What Type of Training is Required for Pediatric Surgeons?

A pediatric surgeon is a physician with the following qualifications.

  • A minimum of four years of medical school
  • Five more years of general surgery
  • Two more years of pediatric surgery residency training
  • American Board of Surgery certification

Pediatric surgeons can work with newborn children until they reach their later adolescent years. For this reason, it can be helpful to partner with a pediatric surgeon early on in your child’s development so they can have continuing care for their specific needs until adulthood.

Types of Treatments Offered by Pediatric Surgeons

As a top pediatric surgeon. Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett can diagnose, manage, and treat the surgical needs of your child including the following.

  • Surgical procedures for abnormalities in the groin region. This includes hernias, varicoceles, undescended testes, and hydroceles
  • Serious injuries requiring surgery
  • Operations requiring a transplant
  • Endoscopic procedures including colonoscopy, esophagogastroduodenoscopy, and bronchoscopy
  • Repairing birth defects with surgery
  • Diagnosing and caring for tumors through surgery
  • All other surgical procedures potentially necessary for your child

How Can I Find a Pediatric Surgeon?

Pediatric surgeons can be found as part of a wide range of medical institutions such as large community hospitals, university medical centers, and children’s hospitals. It can often be helpful to speak with your child’s pediatrician for a recommendation based on your child’s needs.

Why do Children Receive the Best Care with a Pediatric Surgeon?

Children are a lot more than smaller adults. Until your child learns how to talk, they’re unable to tell you what’s wrong and they won’t always have the answers when asked medical questions. It can also be difficult for children to be cooperative and patient when a medical exam is being performed. A pediatric surgeon understands how your child needs to be examined and treated to help ensure they remain relaxed. Pediatric surgeons also use facilities and equipment designed just for children. The majority of pediatric surgical offices are decorated and designed specifically for children so it can create an environment that is both non-threatening and comfortable for your child. This can make a huge difference when it comes to getting your child the care they need.

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