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The past year has changed the way people behave from the places they go, to the foods they eat, and the people they interact with. Travel is more difficult, most meetings are done online, and some things that were previously considered low-risk are now considered dangerous. So where does cosmetic alteration fit into the picture? The world of plastic surgery, like the rest of the globe, has seen a shift since the start of 2020, and the desired aesthetic is changing for many people.

In: Botox, Fillers, and Other Facial Procedures

Zoom meetings are the new normal, which means most people are seeing their own faces on camera more than ever before. Web cameras are not the most forgiving, and wrinkles and fine lines that went previously unnoticed are now very hard to miss. Many are trying out Botox and fillers to prevent or improve the appearance of wrinkles. Chemical peels and other facial treatments are also becoming more common as a more affordable and less invasive method to refresh one’s face.

Out: Unnatural-looking Breast Augmentations

As the focus moves toward maintaining a more alluring face, the exaggerated hourglass figure is on the decline. Large implants can cause problems later in life and can stretch the skin around the breasts. Because of this, many patients this year will choose smaller implants for a more natural-looking breast enhancement with fewer complications.

Out: Extreme Butt Lift Results

Similar to the deviation toward more natural-looking breast augmentations, many people looking to adjust the appearance of their derriere are focusing on the shape, rather than the size of their buttocks. Rather than going with implants, or a Brazilian butt lift, fat transfers may be placed above the muscle for better contouring and a less artificial appearance.

Out: Medical Tourism

It was once thought to be more affordable to travel to other countries to receive cosmetic and other medical procedures. The reality is, however, that expenses due to complications from foreign procedures can end up costing much more than the procedure alone would have cost locally. To add to the usual risks of medical tourism, the continued global pandemic is deterring many from traveling outside their own hometowns, let alone to another country.

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