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Facelift procedures can be life-changing. Patients are looking for lasting results. Yahoo News takes a look at this in a recent article titled “The Longevity of a Facelift — Jacksonville Plastic Surgeons on How to Make Results Last.”

According to the author of the article, “The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ranked facelift at number seven on its list of the top 10 most performed surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures in 2014. Popular among both women and men, facelift surgery (medically referred to as rhytidectomy) is designed to tighten underlying facial muscles, remove excess inelastic skin, and generally give the face a firmer, more youthful appearance. Jacksonville plastic surgeons Ankit Desai, MD, Michael Fallucco, MD, and Joseph Parks, MD of Florida Plastic Surgery Group say a traditional facelift procedure can produce beautiful, natural-looking results that last for extensive periods of time for many individuals. With that in mind, they say, just how long the results of facelift surgery can last is dependent on the technique utilized, the skills of the surgeon, and the patients themselves. The doctors note that a full facelift surgery is more involved than less invasive options such as a MACS Lift or mini-facelift, which typically makes the results of the procedure very long-lasting. In fact, many patients experience the effects of facelift surgery for at least 7 to 10 years; however, there are a number of factors that will have an effect on how long facelift results can last. The doctors say an experienced plastic surgeon using advanced facelift techniques can make a huge difference when it comes to the longevity of results, and the patient’s current age and overall skin elasticity are also important. But one of the most crucial aspects of ensuring long-lasting effects is the patient’s commitment to certain lifestyle habits. Drs. Desai, Fallucco, and Parks say patients who have facelift surgery can go a long way toward extending results by protecting their skin from the sun’s harmful rays, avoiding smoking, and maintaining a healthy diet. They say weight fluctuations and not taking proper care of the skin can have a significant impact on the length of facelift results, so it’s particularly important to embrace a healthy lifestyle and an effective skincare regimen.”

If you are considering a facelift procedure in California, you need a surgeon you can trust. Rex E. Moulton Barrett, M.D. is internationally known and acknowledged. He is board certified with The American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and The American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

Dr. Moulton-Barrett offers a variety of facelift options. Some of these options include the standard facelift, deep plane facelift, lower facelift, mid facelift, temporal facelift, sub-periosteal lift, neck lift, platysmaplasty & liposuction of the neck, and thread facelift.

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