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Is gravity starting to weigh you down in ways that the most expensive bra does not seem to fix? Unfortunately this is unavoidable. As we age so do our bodies, and for many women that means the gradual drop and ultimate sagging of the breasts. Factors such as weight loss, pregnancy, severe dieting and breast feeding all contribute to the development of droopy or ptotic breasts. Many women are opting to turn back time and reclaim their breasts by having mastopexy done. Mastopexy is a type of breast lift procedure that alters the appearance of hanging breasts by surgically altering the position of the nipple areolar complex so that it is placed higher along the chest wall.

Are you wondering if mastopexy is right for you? To determine if this is something you should consider, go no farther than your office or desk! When you have a private moment, simply take a pencil or pen and place it directly underneath your breasts. Is it staying in place all on its own? If so, then you are probably experiencing enough drooping to be considered a good candidate for a breast lift.

If you are choosing to undergo mastopexy you should expect the procedure to take about three hours and to be placed under general anesthesia so you are asleep during the entire operation. Many women still have plush, full breasts when they undergo mastopexy, and a simple “lift” is all that is needed to return the breasts to their more youthful state. Other women find that their breasts have lost some of their fullness over time and chose to have implants inserted during the procedure. For women that do chose to pursue an implant, the lift will still be performed in the exact same way, and an implant will be inserted beneath the muscle of the breast.

Mastopexy is often an option for women of all ages. If you are interested in having a breast lift, you should talk to your doctor here in California. Your doctor will be able to discuss the pros and cons with you, and even show you before and after pictures to help you understand exactly what this procedure can help you to attain.