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Men who suffer from gynecomastia, an abnormal growth of breast tissue, may consider male breast reduction surgery. This is a surgical procedure that removes the excess breast tissue that makes many men uncomfortable. Gynecomastia is relatively unknown, but it is very common. Some statistics report that up to half the men in the United States suffer from some degree of gynecomastia.

Male breast reduction surgery takes about one and one half to two hours. It is generally performed under general anesthetic, though minimal amounts of tissue may be removed under a local anesthetic or sedation. An incision is typically made on the upper edge of the areola. Large amounts of excess skin may require a larger circular incision around the areola. Once the incision is created, your surgeon will then remove excess skin, fat, and tissue, and will sculpt the chest into a more masculine representation. Significant volumes of fat may be removed via liposuction. The incision is then closed.

If you are a male with gynecomastia, then you may be a candidate for breast reduction surgery as long as you are over the age of 18, are healthy and feel self-conscious about your condition. If you find yourself hiding behind baggy shirts and won’t go topless in public, then you should consider this procedure.

Being overweight can give the appearance of larger breasts because of the fat deposits. If you’re overweight, you should try to lose weight to see if that corrects the problem, before resorting to surgery. Alcohol and drug use can also cause a man’s breast to enlarge. Consider living a healthier lifestyle first to see if that reduces the size of your breasts first, before surgery.

Always carefully consider your options before opting for surgery. There are always risks associated with surgery; carefully discuss these with your surgeon in San Leandro, Walnut Creek or Brentwood before commencing the surgery.