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It wasn’t long ago that most men wouldn’t have even considered getting an eyebrow lift. This was unfortunate, because men deal with the same consequences of aging that women do – and the same simple procedures can help them look their best. These days, the tides are changing. An article by the University of Utah Health Care titled When cosmetic surgery is an option for men describes how and why the trends are changing.

The author writes, “Procedures such as eyebrow lifts and eyelid lifts, which rejuvenate how guys look and feel, are becoming more and more accepted among men. In fact, in 2012, eyelid surgery was the second most popular plastic surgery among males with 29,050 men undergoing the surgery that year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

“The reason that they state when they come in is that they need to look their best in a competitive job market,” said Cori Agarwal, M.D., a plastic surgeon with University of Utah Health Care. “Sometimes they’re competing with people who are 10 years younger than them, and they want to look more youthful.” While more men are getting plastic surgery — men make up 15 percent of patients nationwide — many men still don’t realize all the options that exist to help boost their confidence and freshen up their countenance.

“I think people sometimes think that cosmetic surgery is just for looking good, but it’s really for quality of life,” Agarwal said. “It’s for feeling comfortable in your body and looking on the outside like you feel on the inside.” In an eyelid lift — or blepharoplasty — a surgeon removes some of the hanging skin on the upper eyelid that drapes over the brow down toward the eyelashes. Often, an eyebrow lift is done in conjunction with an eyelid lift, and it can be performed one of two ways. The procedure has two effects. One is that it makes people look more refreshed, like they’ve gotten a good night’s sleep.”

There’s no question that we’re all living more competitive times, career wise, then we were a few decades ago. At Rex Moulton-Barret, MD we’ve seen men come in for brow liftsfaceliftsliposuction, and a host of other cosmetic procedures. Visit us today to work with a board certified surgeon who treats every patient with expertise and compassion.