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What is Mastopexy?

According to the ASPS, a breast lift or Mastopexy is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess and sagging skin. The surgeon tightens the surrounding tissue to reshape breast contour, thus, resulting in a raised breast – but not increase the size of it. The surgery also elevates the nipples higher than their previous saggy or downward point position.

There are four techniques in lifting the breasts, and it depends on the size and level of droopiness. Here are as follows: The Crescent Moon, Donut Mastopexy Surgery, Lollipop Technique, and the Anchor Surgery.

Why do women undergo Mastopexy procedures?

As part of our inherited imperfection, all the cells that make up a human body age at the same time we get older. Each cell will eventually stop producing new ones to maintain the youthful body. Ptosis on breasts happens to women during or after pregnancy, having multiple children, breastfeeding, extreme weight gain and loss, and signs of aging. Heavy smokers are also prone to have sagging breasts due to chemicals destroying the natural skin elasticity.

Those who did not experience having to breastfeed babies or get pregnant may think they might get exempted from this problem. Same with overweight women who start regular exercises and lifestyle change. The stage where the weight loss is drastic, fats alters the skin’s elasticity to the point where the breast’s shape and firmness turn to hang out like a half-filled balloon.

Given this part, men who suffer from Man-boobs of gynecomastia can also benefit from the breast fix and beautification procedures.

Confident people and those who embraced the body-positivity culture consult the specialists to fix something on their breasts — some for medical, functional, or reconstructive purposes after a mastectomy.

Who is a good candidate?

Check if your situation falls into the following:

  •  Saggy breasts – look deflated balloons and became longer
  • Nipples and areola face or point downwards when you don’t wear a bra for support
  • unequal breasts size
  • Areolas became stretched and did not get back to a natural state
  • After weight loss, the stretched skin on your breast dangles down almost reaching your belly


What to consider before Mastopexy?

 women grabbing his chest

For men who have prominent teenager-sized breast, a man-breast – yes, he can be a candidate for Mastopexy-Breast reduction combination.

However, for women, there are some considerations needed before proceeding to plastic surgery. Breastfeeding and pregnant women tend to gain weight, which causes skin stretching. The operation will become invalid, and you need to repeat the same process over. All surgery results can also vary depending on the patient; even if the breast lift procedure went successful, they may lose a vital ability – produce more milk for the baby. A patient needs to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can all questions and address concerns.

Small to moderate chested women are in favorable condition for longer lasting results after the surgery. However, it’s the reverse to women with big breasts as they are more prone to sag again due to weight and size.

What is the right surgery style?

The answer to this question lies in every patient’s case and how badly their breast looks after several tests and diagnosis. So, consult a plastic surgeon today to know what procedure is best for you. Here are the four surgical procedures:

  • Crescent Moon Technique, the incision shape derived its name from a half moon, and it is made just above the areola. Also known as the Nipple Repositioner, for patients with small breasts that need a nipple to lift about 2 to 2.5 cm higher than the current droopy state. The minimally invasive procedure works best for small-breasted women with minor sagging.
  • On the other hand, Donut Mastopexy Surgery’s name comes from donut-shaped incision around the areola. The procedure is for women with small to moderate size sagging. The result may be barely noticeable, yet natural-looking raised breasts. No messy scars, as the wound is so tiny and can be concealed around the areola.
  • Then, there’s Lollipop Technique that works best for large breasted-women. The sagging degree ranges from moderate to severe. The procedure is invasive meaning more skin, and tissues needs to be removed. The results are both improved breast shape and visible lift.
  • Last, the Anchor Mastopexy Surgery is the most popular procedure for women with moderate to large breasts who experienced severe chest sagging. The Anchor Mastopexy is the most invasive among the four, with the most considerable amount of perkiness as a result. It also means more visible scar marks after the procedure.

Based on the description above, the surgery that will work for both genders with great result is the Donut Mastopexy.

How is Donut Mastopexy performed?

The patient must first know the difference between lifting and augmentation when it comes to setting the expectations before the surgery. Remember, a breast lift will raise and tightens your breast back in order from hanging too low. While, breast augmentation makes your breasts look fuller, roundish, or even bigger in size on the upper part. Donut Mastopexy is one of the best ways to achieve ‘scar-less procedure’ that surgeons, especially when combined with breast augmentation.

With Donut Breast Lift procedure, the surgeon will make incisions around your areola. Then, another bigger circle around the first incision. The shape will look like a donut with a hole in the middle.

A surgeon will  reposition the nipple while cutting some tissues and stitching deeper in some areas underneath your skin. Areola size reduction is now possible while concealing the possible scars on the darker colored surface. The doctor will bind the skin together and finishes with stitches and sutures.

The surgery will not be longer than three hours. Patients can rest in an outpatient ward because there’s no need for confinement. Following the recommended healthy changes will strengthen the immune system so your body will never be prone to complications.

Many cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Moulton-Barrett also recommend a combination of other breast enhancement surgeries to Mastopexy. Some combinations are Mastopexy-Breast Augmentation, Mastopexy-Breast Reduction, and Mastopexy-Lumpectomy to name a few.


1. Consultation Stage Be honest with your attending surgeon about your lifestyle habits and medical history. Some of the details you will include the physical exams, reviewing your medical records, and helping you set realistic expectations. With that, Dr. Moulton-Barrett is a seasoned surgeon who deals with many women with the same problem as you.

2. Expectations vs. Reality Proper communication and listening to what your doctor can help you with deplete any unrealistic goals to set for yourself. Several of those who underwent any cosmetic procedure knows what to expect while keeping themselves contented on the result. Thus, they did not fall into the trap of obsessing over the outcomes.


3. Lifestyle Changes You must also check your lifestyle and make improvements to avoid complications during the surgery. Quiting smoking habits will help you heal faster and prevent the sagging of breasts.

From setting appointments to consultation stages, then to the actual surgery up to the aftercare, Dr. Moulton-Barrett’s team is ready to serve you.


Anesthesia may worn out by the time you discharge, and you may feel the pain after the surgery. Proper rest and healthy nutrition will help you recover faster. Expect symptoms like swelling, discomfort, and bruises in a couple of weeks after your surgery.

Prohibit yourself from lifting heavy objects; you can carry lighter ones if you need to but in moderation. After a week or two, some patients can get back to their daily routines and go to work.

Why should you choose Rex E. Moulton-Barrett’s Team?

For the women, the breast lift surgery means there’s a hope to regain back their self-esteem, beauty, and confidence.

You can learn more about the donut breast lift procedure from your local professional board certified plastic surgeon in California. Rex E. Moulton-Barrett, M.D. is internationally known and acknowledged.  

Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett, MD offers the following breast surgeries:

You can visit the clinics in Alameda and Brentwood, California. Dr. Moulton-Barrett is available on other sites around the Bay Area. Whether you are considering a donut breast lift or other Mastopexy procedures, set up an appointment with a plastic surgeon, you can trust.