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Fat grafting is a procedure that has been used for a while now in plastic and corrective surgery procedures. The procedure used involves removing of excess fat in areas where it is in excess with liposuction, and then replanting them in areas where they are needed. In cosmetic surgeries, it has been used to fill facial features. It is also called the free fat transfer. Because the fat used in a fat graft procedure comes from the same subject, instances of allergic reactions are next to impossible.

Where is Fat Grafting Used?

Fat grafting is mainly used to correct, or improve, facial scarring, facial volume and sunken cheeks. It is considered as a “natural plastic surgery.” As a form of corrective procedures, fat grafting is not recommended to be done to moving parts such as lip fillers. Fat transfer is used for buttock and breast augmentation, to correct scars from different sources like accidents or acne pigmentation, to correct radiation, foot fat pad atrophy and different areas of skin rejuvenation.

The Procedure

The entire process can be broken down into three steps: harvest, purification, and placement.

During harvest, the area where the fat is supposed to be harvested is prepared by being cleaned and injection of a local aesthetic. A cannula is then connected to a syringe and after an incision, fat is sucked out into the cannula.

For purification, the fat is then cleaned by and the cells are prepared to be transferred. The recipient area is then prepared by cleaning.

Lastly, during the placement process, the cleaned fat cells are carefully injected into the graft area using a needle or cannula.

This process is performed over and over until the desired effect is achieved.

The Preferred Treatment

The procedure is preferred by many because of the few side effects associated with this method, when compared to the synthetic procedures to achieve similar results. It is also much less expensive and requires much less downtime as opposed to plastic surgery.

Additionally, unlike traditional methods of plastic surgery, fat transfer is a more minimal procedure in that in only requires two incisions – one for the removal, and one for the replacement. Because the incisions are also much smaller, it requires merely a similar recovery time to synthetic fillers. It is also a procedure that takes up very little time. Most of the procedures, no matter how many, can usually be done in one visit to the doctor.

All things considered, it is wise to note that while fat grafting is a good procedure for minimally corrective surgery, it works best when applied to lesser locations, like around the eyes and to even out small patches of skin. While multiple incisions can be made to achieve a desired result, your body does only have so much extra fat that can be extracted and cleaned.

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Fat grafting is a new, up-and-coming procedure that works very well for correcting and improving the appearance of skin, particularly in the face. To see if you are a good candidate for fat transfer, schedule a consultation today with Dr. Moulton-Barrett. You can give us a call at either office, or fill out our online form here.