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Before deciding on a physician in Walnut Creek, California for any sort of cosmetic surgery, it is important for you to be educated about the procedure and doctor and to have realistic expectations about the cosmetic surgery procedure. It is especially important to know what to expect before and after plastic surgery and believe it or not, plastic surgeons actually prefer to have educated patients and suggest that you ask the following 5 questions prior to receiving cosmetic surgery:

1. What can I do to prepare for cosmetic surgery to help ensure a good experience?

Doctors like patients who ask this question because it alerts them that the patient is concerned about their health before and after plastic surgery. Specific pre-surgery instructions include preparing for sedation anesthesia with anti-nausea measures, when to stop smoking, which medications to stop taking, when to end alcohol consumption, and other actions that can effect cosmetic surgery.

2. What steps can I take to maximize and prolong my cosmetic surgery results?

Plastic surgeons want your results to last as long as possible and are more than happy to give you advice to ensure you get maximum, long lasting results. Tips can range from protecting your face from sun and cold weather immediately following cosmetic surgery to advice about wearing a surgical bra after your procedure. A good Walnut Creek, California plastic surgeon will always tell their patients everything they need to know to help them before and after plastic surgery.

3. What results can I realistically expect from my cosmetic surgery?

Most patients claim to have reasonable expectations of their cosmetic surgery outcome, but others do get caught up in the fantasy and their imagination may tend to run a bit wild when it comes to thoughts of grandeur from the procedure. Doctors state that after surgery, some patients often scrutinize the results and focus on finding and focusing on minor imperfections, some of which were actually present prior to surgery but never noticed.

4. What are the factors that may contribute to my surgical outcome?

There is a long list of factors that can influence the outcome of your cosmetic surgery. In addition to the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon, other factors include your age, your nutrition level, the elasticity of your skin, your smoking history, and more.

5. Is there anything I should be aware of during recovery that needs attention?

Patients should know that each cosmetic surgery yields very different recovery times and procedures. It is important to remember that there may be dramatic swelling that may continue for weeks after cosmetic surgery and it takes time for the full effect of the surgery to come to fruition. It could be several months before you realize the full results, so you should wait to compare the before and after plastic surgery results.

If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming plastic surgery, make sure to talk to Dr. Moulton-Barrett prior to your upcoming procedure.