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The real low bikini ‘smile’ incision combined with an under surface vertical 6 pack muscle ‘corseting’ can be safely carried out with a few important things organized in advance. First of all, the use of a rented surgical bed, allows the back and the knees lifted up in the ‘beach chair position’. After about 3 weeks most patient will be able to extent their abdomen and the bed can be returned. A subcutaneous pain pump is inserted at the time of surgery. This device which delivers local anesthetic, similar to the medication dentists use, for a about one week. That means a patient can stand up and walk around with little or no pain. The use of oral muscle relaxants such as ‘flexeril’ means that muscle spasm which accounts for the majority of pain in the first few days can be significantly reduced and the patient can sleep in the beach chair position. Finally, the use of a trained Nurse’s Aid, who carefully escorts the patient home from surgery, will ensure that during the first 24 hours: the patient will be trained in the use of a deep breathing device to keep the lungs open, walk the patient to keep the leg veins pumping, educate the family on the importance of keeping the back of the bed in a ‘beach -chair’ position in order to avoid unnecessary tension on the bikini closure and the Nurse’s Aid checks on the surgical area, the blood pressure, the oxygen levels and the heart rate during the first day and night after surgery in the comfort of the patient’s home.