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CoolSculpting is becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States. NBC 26 takes a look at this procedure in a recent article titled “Medical Monday: Trimming away Those Trouble Spots with CoolSculpting.”

The author of the article writes, “How does it work? CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling to target and crystallize or freeze fat cells in targeted areas. In the weeks and months after, the crystallized fat cells die off permanently and are naturally eliminated from the body. This technology definitely helps people slim down. There is no surgery involved. It’s FDA-cleared, safe and proven effective. Patients can expect to see full results in about four months. The body just needs time to breakdown the fat and remove it from the body. The effects should last 10 to 15 years for people who maintain normal weight and good health. The first few minutes may be uncomfortable, but there is no pain. Within five minutes, most patients feel comfortable enough to chat on the phone, read, or even take a short nap. There’s no needle, no special diet, no supplements, and no surgery or downtime. Almost anyone is a reasonable candidate. For some of our satisfied clients it’s about reasonable expectations. Not everyone is looking to fit into a string bikini but perhaps just feel better about how they look in certain clothes. And even more importantly, about feeling better about themselves.”

Hungry Horse News also explores CoolSculpting in a recent article titled “Procedure freezes off the unwanted fat.” Becca Parsons of Hungry Horse News writes, “CoolSculpting is a medical device cleared by the Food and Drug Administration that treats stubborn fat in the abdominal area, flanks and inner and outer thighs. CoolSculpting sculpts a person’s body using cold temperature. The treatment helps accentuate the positive parts of a person’s figure and remove the pockets of fat that detract from it, Bergland said… CoolSculpting freezes the fat cells and kills them, similar to how liposuction sucks the fat cells out. The patient is left with fewer fat cells that are the same size as before. Each treatment kills about 20-25 percent of the fat cells in an area, depending on individual circumstances. Many patients do several treatments to target several areas of fat. CoolSculpting treatments start at $750, decreasing in cost after the initial treatment.”

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Dr. Moulton Barrett offers a wide variety of body contouring procedures, including tummy tucks, arm lifts, thigh lifts, CoolSculpting, and much more.

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