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Tummy tuck surgery isn’t just good for helping people lose weight. The cells from the fat can be used for other purposes as well. Consider a recent article for the Times of India titled “Fat from tummy tuck surgeries to save lives.”

Pushpa Narayan of the Times of India writes, “Scientists have found more evidence to show that the `spare tyres’ around your hip and abdomen that make you look pudgy, clog arteries and cause joint pain can heal the heart and mend bones. It is not an entirely new idea but now researchers are bringing these cells out of the laboratory much closer to the bedside. A team of researchers in the US has moved on to clinical trials after successful animal trials. This has evoked interest among doctors in India. Chennai-based surgeon Dr A K Venkatachalam said he has been looking at ways to find how several kilos of fat removed through liposuction and tummy tuck surgeries across the city can be used to repair hip, shoulder and knee joints. ‘These fat cells, which are blamed for wreaking havoc in the public health system, can be turned into a new aid to save lives,’ he said, citing a research at University of Pittsburgh where a team has initiated human trial with adipose (fat) derived stem cells to repair cartilage in joints damaged due to osteoarthritis and grow replacement parts for tendons and ligaments. Hundreds of scientists, including some in India, are studying fat-derived stem cells for various applications. Some of them are are working in the laboratory to convert fat cells into cardiac cells. Scientists in European countries are testing them on patients with heart diseases and some have reported success in reduction of the size of heart injuries. Doctors said even if such trials are successful, it would take several years before treatment based on fat-derived stem cells becomes common. ‘Stem cell therapy is showing more promise than it did several years ago,’ said Dr S Krishnakumar, who heads Vision Research Centre a Sankara Netralaya.”

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