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As with each season, fall has its specific benefits for having cosmetic procedures. Optimal weather, kids back at school, holidays, and no more bathing suits are all prime reasons for taking advantage of fall for plastic surgery. A cosmetic procedure is also more appealing in fall because it’s a time of body image reflection after summer.

The Best Cosmetic Surgeries For Fall

A person is more likely to experience dissatisfaction after a long grueling summer of skin-exposing clothing that didn’t fit properly. If considering an appearance improvement through cosmetic surgery, these procedures are best for this time of year:

Breast Augmentation

The longer days and outdoor fun of summer offer the opportunity to take part in more activities. We know that’s not an option when recovering from breast augmentation. Patients find it far less tempting to disregard doctor’s orders for the proper required healing time during the fall season. Breast surgery also requires tight bandages and compression bra, made that much more uncomfortable by heat, sweat, and activity, all lessened by the onset of the fall months.


After a facelift, a patient must minimize exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. The UV rays dry out skin from beneficial moisture essential for healing and scar prevention. Opt for this procedure in fall to reduce the temptation of prolonged periods in the sun. Holidays are another perfect reason for a facelift to revamp skin for all those family photos. Other reasons for fall facelifts are sweating, activity, and required recovery time, much like the breast augmentation.

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty is an extensive procedure that takes at least six weeks’ recovery time. Since the holidays are not far off, this allows enough time to heal before the heavy lifting of decorations and presents the Christmas season requires. Post tummy tucks usually have residual swelling as with other plastic surgeries. Still, as the colder weather takes hold, patients can hide bandaging and swelling until proper healing time has passed.


With the rhinoplasty procedure or nose job, packing is placed in the nasal cavity, preventing smell and ultimately taste. Starting with Thanksgiving and running straight through New Years’, opportunities abound with holiday-related treats, drinks, and dinners. Who wants to miss out on smelling and tasting all that bounty? It’s also common to experience less swelling in the colder temperatures, which is a marker for any plastic surgery best for fall.

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