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Rhinoplasty or nose job is the third most sought plastic surgery procedure in the U.S. Rhinoplasty’s popularity surges due to its ability to better a person’s appearance. Additionally, insurance companies cover all or part of the procedure in cases where there is a medical need. Adults (and sometimes teens) need rhinoplasty for a variety of reasons. While some people aim to enhance their appearance, others get a nose job to improve their health. Be sure to discuss what you aim to gain after your rhinoplasty with an experienced surgeon. Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett is a board-certified surgeon with decades of experience in the art of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Medical reasons to get a rhinoplasty

Some medical conditions may demand that a patient undergoes rhinoplasty. Our Brentwood office offers medical rhinoplasty to correct the following.

1. Cleft Palate or Cleft Lip

These are congenital disabilities that result when an infant’s mouth doesn’t develop. Clefts mostly feature nasal deformities. The deformities include deficient inner nose lining and abnormal bones around the nose. Some clefts go as far as affecting the nasal cartilage. If a child grows with a cleft, their eating, breathing, and appearance may be severely affected. Surgery procedures, such as rhinoplasty, help to correct nasal defects associated with clefts.

2. Deviated Nasal Septum

When a person has a skewed septum, they have the deviated nasal septum condition. The condition causes difficulty in breathing. It may also cause sinusitis. Septoplasty is the surgical procedure that corrects a deviated nasal septum. But since a deviated nasal septum often features a crooked nose, rhinoplasty becomes a secondary necessity.

3. Sinusitis

These are sinus infections, including congestions in the nasal cavity and nasal inflammation. Recurring sinus infections are usually rooted in the deviated nasal septum. Rhinoplasty and septoplasty treat deviated nasal septum, eliminating frequent sinusitis in the process.

4. Other Medical Reasons

More medical reasons that warrant rhinoplasty include:

  • Physical injuries including burns and broken noses
  • Allergies that inflame the nasal cavity
  • Deformities

Cosmetic Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty may target changing a person’s appearance without treating a medical condition. Such cases are examples of cosmetic rhinoplasty. Re-shaping the nose has significant effects on a person’s appearance. Here are some reasons why you may want cosmetic rhinoplasty.

  • To re-shape the tip of the nose
  • Make a skewed nose straight
  • Make the nostrils wider or narrower
  • Change the angle that the nose forms with the upper lip
  • Change the shape of the nose
  • Make the nose bridge straight

Rhinoplasty Risks

Rhinoplasty may carry some risks. You might experience scarring, breathing difficulties, and nasal septum perforation. Before getting into the operating room, make sure you understand all risks associated with the surgery.

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