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Since ancient periods, civilizations became obsessed with finding ways to live forever in youth and everlasting beauty. The Fountain of Youth from the Caribbean, The Alchemist’s Elixir of Life, and Arthurian Legend’s Holy Grail, all mythical yet intriguing ways our ancient ancestors fed themselves with the hopes of immortality.

In the twenty-first century, many aging citizens are relying more on the power of technology through cosmetic or senior plastic surgery. But you can ask yourself, why do senior citizens want to undergo cosmetic surgery? Do I want plastic surgery for myself once I get older? These are common questions that inflame diverse opinions from citizens and the public.

Why Senior Citizens became interested in Plastic Surgery?

Regarding the first question above, the answer is not the desire to hide their real age. Instead, older adults want to look good and feel good despite their age. The Age Brackets from the early 60s, 70s, and 80s feels wild and young by healthy lifestyle changes and positive mindset even before they reach the older age. According to AARP, the standard age to retirement is between 45 to 65 years old and above. However, some elderly professionals from higher age brackets do not want to quit the work force yet. They believe that since they live longer than previous generations, they can do more for their businesses. Take a look at the following scenarios (excerpts and summarization from The Early Show Circa 2011 by Erica Hill and correspondent Michelle Miller)

Sandra Kaplan Story: She’s “a busy and energetic 70 years old (the time the news segment aired) Interior Designer,” who always received discouraging comments from friends about looking “exhausted.” Recognizing the harsh truth of the years, she countered it with a facelift and tightened eyelid surgeries. The result: She became happier, gain higher confidence while managing and boosting her business. So despite the exhausting, the day’s work is, she said she looked fresher than before. She jokingly adds that her friends commended her about not looking anything exhausted at all. (From the interview footage)

The brain can be as sharp as your youth, yet you cannot fool everyone with your actual physical appearance. So to avoid being accused of mutton dressed as lamb, both granny and grandpops are turning into senior’s specialized plastic surgery.

Brian Brandt Story: Another cosmetic surgery patient is the Southern California Bowling Alley owner Brian Brandt (almost same age as Sandra). He said in the interview that while one of his grandchildren is sitting on his lap, the kid starts playing on his wobbly chin. Once he realizes how uncomfortable it makes him feel – he turns to a plastic surgeon for help. The result: he felt better, more handsome with the chin tuck procedure. (From the interview footage)

If there’s a way to reverse the aging process for free, many people will fight hard until they can have what they want. Hindrance may be present to full throttle the success in pharmaceutical field, at least, there are improvements in the cosmetic surgery department.

How many Senior Citizens are getting plastic surgeries?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, the popularity of undergoing cosmetic enhancement is rising in the senior’s age bracket alone. Check the following comparison chart below and see how the stats improve over less than 10 years.

55 and over 2017# 2009*** Percentage increase/decrease
Cosmetic Procedures 4.1 million 3.1 million 24.4%  🡹
Surgical 384, 000 344,000 10%     🡹
Minimally invasive 3.8 million 2.8 million 26.3%  🡹



Of course, there are some temporary side effects after the operation, but it will not be as devastating as it was centuries ago. According to Dr. Jason Diamond, the Plastic Surgeon who perform procedures both Sandra and George above says, “There is no age limit to plastic surgery… As long as they have medical clearance and taking good care of themselves.” In contrast between the 40s and the seniors who underwent the same surgery is that the latter age bracket reportedly healed faster due to reduced bad habits and a healthier lifestyle than the first age group.

What are senior plastic surgery procedures suitable for the elders?

The top 5 Cosmetic Surgery Procedure in 2017# includes the following:

  1. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) with 102,354 patients
  2. Facelift (rhytidectomy) with 81,543 patients
  3. Dermabrasion with 33,840 patients
  4. Liposuction with 25,252 patients
  5. Forehead lift with 22,161 patients
  6. Bonus: Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) with 21,646 patients

Breast Augmentation may not be included in the above cut, though it became one of the hot topics in 2011 when Marie Kolstad, a then 83 years old mother, decided to have a boob job. She feels elated after the surgery and even showed photos of her hanging out on the pool with a cute swimsuit on. The public has split stand on the topic, but it became an awakening phase of how beauty modification becoming more and more popular with the seniors.

The top 5 Minimally-Invasive Surgery Procedure in 2017 includes:

  1. Botulinum toxin type A (Botox®, Dysport®) with 1,659,482 patients
  2. Soft tissue fillers with 929,134 patients
  3. Chemical peel with 592,610 patients
  4. Laser skin resurfacing with 234,790 patients
  5. Microdermabrasion with 175,479 patients

With huge bank savings, a healthy body, and a positive mindset as the starter packs for seniors who want to nip, tuck, suck and lift away all the visible signs of aging. If you got all the necessary requirements, the next thing you need is to verify your qualification as a candidate for cosmetic surgery. If you want to look best for your age, a reliable professional in the senior’s Plastic Surgery field, The Moulton-Barrett Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery Team are here at your service.

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His team of dedicated Clinic Staff and Beauty practitioners will assist you from the appointment setting stage up to the after-surgical care. The main goal of Dr. Moulton-Barrett is not just to prove how excellent are his procedures, but also to connect with his patients. He understands the patient’s right and needs to know all the underlying details before the operation. He also provides detailed suggestions on how to have mutual collaboration between patient and surgeon for smoother operation. This includes the vital signs checking, monitoring several lifestyle changes if needed, and what the patient should expect before, during, and after the surgery. The staff will confirm the availability and schedule so you can meet with the doctor and talk about the senior plastic surgery processes.

Moulton-Barrett Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Services range from the following categories:

Our clinics are located in Alameda and Brentwood, CA. Dr. Moulton-Barrett will also be available on other sites within the Bay Area, as long as there is a proper consultation set up a schedule for the client and the doctor to meet.

So, if you still feel fresh and carefree, let your inner youth shine by setting up an appointment for senior plastic surgery.