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Chemical peels are becoming an increasingly popular procedure. In response, Harper’s Bazaar is examining the science of the procedure in a recent article titled “THE CHEMISTRY BEHIND THE PEEL.”

In the article, Emma Hobson, the Education Manager at the International Dermal Institute, tries to clear up questions for readers. The first question posed to her is “WHAT TYPE OF SKIN CONCERN CAN BE TREATED WITH A CHEMICAL PEEL?” Hobson answers, “A chemical peel is a targeted, active treatment designed to give the skin a boost of exfoliation which, in turn stimulates a faster cell renewal rate resulting in fresh, healthier plumper cells within the skin. The five main goals of a peel, including:

  1. Promoting skin clarity and brightness by evening out and fading pigmentation
  2. If the formula contains Salicylic Acid, it’s very effective at clearing skin 3. congestion and breakouts – an excellent choice for those prone to adult acne
  3. Improving skin texture
  4. Boosting skin hydration and reducing the fine lines associated with it
  5. Helping to reduce wrinkle depth by stimulating collagen.”

Another question Hobson receives is, “WHY DO THEY NEED TO BE APPLIED BY A PROFESSIONAL?” She responds, “Because Chemical Peels work on the lowest level of the surface segment of the skin, they produce a controlled injury to the cells, which in turn stimulates new, healthy skin to be produced. The Chemical Peel therefore has to be administered with skilled hands backed by a great deal of knowledge and understanding as to how to perform the treatment to get maximum results without the associated challenges of skin irritation or sensitisation.”

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