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Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez has become very familiar with foot reconstruction surgery. Consider a recent article for Nets Daily titled “ESPN: The Brooklyn Nets are ‘arguably’ the worst team in the NBA,” that, among other things, discusses Lopez’s recovery.

Tom Lorenzo of Nets Daily writes, “Thorpe goes on to say, “The only way they aren’t the worst team in the league, I think, is if Brook Lopez stays healthy…but good luck with that, right?” He then goes on to say that he “hopes” Lopez does stay healthy and that he’s a “huge fan” of his. And he has been. (For the record, Lopez has played in 59 straight games and has had only a mid foot sprain since returning from foot reconstruction surgery. Only three Eastern Conference centers have played that many. And for the first time in four years, he wasn’t rehabbing an injury this summer.)”

Nets Daily covered Lopez injury more extensively in the past. For example, consider a Nets Daily article titled “Brook Lopez: relearning to walk with reconstructed foot.” According to the author of the article, “Brook Lopez spoke Sunday about his reconstructive foot surgery last month, where he stands on his long journey back and how he fully expects his latest procedure to work.  The Nets center said he hasn’t begun rehab, that the next step will be creating special shoes and sneakers and the plan continues to be for him to be ready by training camp. With regard to the surgery itself, Lopez explained that following multiple procedures to fix problems with his fifth metatarsal, on the outer edge of his right foot, the plan now is much more ambitious. “They’re trying to put more pressure on the inside of my foot,” said Lopez. “”Essentially, what they did was lower the arch. It will be interesting to learn to walk differently for the first time. I’m going to be falling on my face more than I do already.” Lopez who told Fred Kerber that the plan “will work,” reiterated that feeling with the beat writers. There is no room for doubt, he insisted. It was his first visit to Barclays Center since the surgery.  He had been bed-ridden most of January.”

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