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Breast reconstructions can be huge for the emotional healing of women who’ve had their breasts removed but that doesn’t mean they’re without emotional complications too. We’re happy to see an Amblecote-founded group take on an important role. An article in the Dudley News titled Rainbow Breast Reconstruction Group celebrates 10 years of supporting the borough’s womentells the story of this incredible UK support group.

Dan Sharp writes, “A much-loved breast reconstruction support group has marked ten years of helping women across the borough. Rainbow Breast Reconstruction Group, which was formed in Amblecote, held a special anniversary party at its White House Cancer Support base, which included the last official mayoral visit from Dudley’s outgoing first citizen Councillor Steve Waltho.

Also among the guests at the anniversary event were local businessman and philanthropist Geoff Hill, who has been a major supporter of the group throughout its history. The group was set up in 2006 after a chance meeting at a checkout at Sainsbury’s in Withymoor Village. Denise Hudson and Debbie Barnett had both undergone reconstructive surgery following breast cancer and soon became good friends.

The pair had provided support to each other and shared their experiences, and although there was a breast cancer groups in the borough, there was not a group specifically for ladies who had been through breast reconstruction. So Denise and Debbie decided to create their own group for women who have had, or are considering, reconstructive surgery.

The success of the support group, as well as Denise’s now disbanded charity which raised money for the breast reconstruction unit at Russells Hall Hospital, were celebrated at the recent event. Denise said: “It was a very successful evening and I thought it would provide a god opportunity to raise awareness of not just the work and support our group offers, but that of the White House.

“When we had the charity we raised more than £60,000 from our walks at Bodenham Arboretum, but they got so big and popular that they were too hard to run and organize all by myself, so I unfortunately had to disband it last year. “But the group is still going strong which was always the main thing. We have definitely helped more than 100 ladies over the 10 years, but the best part for me is when the ladies who have been supported come back to our meetings for a chat with the new members.”

This is a wonderful service. When you work with Rex Moulton-Barrett, MD for your breast reconstruction, we’ll provide you with a wealth of resources to make the experience as positive and stress-free as possible.