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Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett specializes in premier plastic and cosmetic surgery for patients in Walnut Creek, Oakland, Alameda and Brentwood, CA. He uses the latest techniques for breast implant surgery including using Sientra (Gummy Bear) Implants.

Silicone and saline breast implants have been historically used for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.  Breast implants have also been historically provided by two licensed vendors in the United States, Mentor and Allergan (also known as McGhan and Inamed, respectively).  A new type of “gummy bear” silicone gel implant was approved for use in the United States on by the FDA April 1, 2012 by a Sientra, the newest licensed breast implant vendor in the United States.

What Makes Sientra Gummy Bear Implants a Better Option

Sientra implants are not new to the medical field. These gummy bear implants have been used in Brazil for over 35 years.  The original implant was modified numerous times before it was granted FDA approval in the United States. There are two main factors that differentiate Sientra implants from the other implants currently available in the United States:

  • Superior Esthetic Results

Many patients have reported that silicone and saline implants can appear unnatural due to the round shape of the implant. Sientra TRUE Texture Implants are contoured to fit against existing chest walls and tissues for superior esthetic results. In addition, patients that have thin walled chests have reported fewer concerns about rippling.

  • Superior Warranty

Sientra offers the best warranty on the market. Sientra offers patients that receive implants up to $3,600 in replacement costs due to loss of shell integrity. As of November 1, 2013, patients that receive Sientra TRUE Texture Implants will qualify for free replacement implants in the event they undergo capsular contracture surgery within two years after the initial breast augmentation surgery through the C3 program.

Breast Implants are a Lifelong Investment

Patients that undergo breast augmentation surgery should consider the operation as a lifelong investment. Sientra breast implants are filled with a textured, medical-grade “gummy bear” silicone gel.  It is important to note that Sientra TRUE Texture Implants are not experimental, and they have been used for decades in Brazil. This type of implant offers better aesthetic results coupled with the best warranty on the market. Invest in your appearance with the best gummy bear implants from Sientra. Enjoy the way you look and feel for a lifetime.