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Has an injury, trauma, or burn affected the way your body looks or functions? Has surgery to remove a tumor left you with scarring or other visible changes to your appearance? If so, you might consider contacting a California plastic surgeon about reconstructive surgery.

Although a plastic surgeon is often thought of in terms of “cosmetic surgery“, procedures that only changes a person’s appearance, their practices can also include reconstructive surgeries that address medical concerns as well as physical appearance. In many cases, health insurance will cover reconstructive surgeries because they can treat or prevent further health complications.

Learn more about the different types of reconstructive surgeries performed by plastic surgeons and the medical problems they help correct.

Examples of Reconstructive Surgery

Breast reconstruction or reduction. A reconstruction is often performed after a woman has undergone a mastectomy as part of her treatment for breast cancer. There are multiple techniques that can be used for breast reconstruction, including tissue expansion and breast implants. A plastic surgeon can also perform breast reduction surgery for men or women who have abnormally large breasts.

Surgeries for feet and hands. Plastic surgeons can perform reconstructive surgery to correct webbed toes or fingers, remove extra toes or fingers, remove tumors, or treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wound care. People who have been severely burned or injured may visit a plastic surgeon to undergo skin grafts or other reconstructive surgeries to repair the damaged area.

Microsurgery and flap procedures. A plastic surgeon can use advanced techniques to reattach body parts; restore feeling and sensation in an area; or transplant skin, muscle, bone and blood supply from one area of the body to another.

Facial surgeries. Plastic surgeons commonly perform reconstructive surgery to correct facial defects such as cleft lip and palate birth defects in children. They may also perform facial surgeries on adults to address breathing problems, chronic infections, or snoring.

Plastic surgeons are highly skilled physicians that can utilize a number of different techniques to bring about healing and restoration to a patient. If you’re thinking about reconstructive surgery, look for a plastic surgeon that specializes in the type of procedure you’re considering.