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While some surgeons close wounds, some cases require more – specifically reconstructive surgery. Wound surgery can be crucial in saving limbs and lives.

For example, consider the case of Larry Mayfield in Illinois. River Bender looks at this in a recent article titled “Patient credits AMH Wound Care Center with saving leg.” Becky Slatin of River Bender writes, “Mayfield just couldn’t imagine what life would be like if he lost his leg. It would be hard for him and his wife, Patricia, to enjoy their time as volunteers at Eldon Hazlet State Park in Carlyle, Ill., where they are campground hosts. He had already spent months on crutches, and his left foot hadn’t touched the ground. “Mr. Mayfield was in an exceptional amount of pain when I first met him. He couldn’t even lie flat to be examined,” Dr. Allen says. “He had been evaluated by other physicians, and the conclusion was that he needed an amputation. I saw it as a personal challenge to keep that from happening.” Dr. Allen says the first steps taken were to get Mayfield’s wound drainage and pain under control. She then referred him to Sundeep Das, MD, a Christian Hospital cardiologist with a particular expertise in vascular diseases. Dr. Das was able to restore blood flow to Mayfield’s leg by performing a complex angioplasty and stenting of the arteries. Following this surgical procedure, Mayfield continued his care at the AMH Wound Care Center under Dr. Allen’s guidance. Starting in mid-August, he began a treatment regimen that included the use of both negative pressure wound therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Negative pressure wound therapy, also commonly referred to as a wound vac, stimulates new tissue growth and helps to control drainage and infection within the wound.”

Following the procedure, Mayfield is moving along with his recovery, according to the article. Slatin writes, “‘I walk with a slight limp right now, and I’m going to physical therapy. I can’t say enough about everyone at the wound center. I really love Dr. Allen. I call her a superwoman,’ Mayfield says. ‘The home care nurses, Dr. Allen and the Wound Care Center saved my leg and gave me back my life.’”

If you’re ever in the position where you need reconstructive surgery for a wound, the best surgeon for the job is Rex E. Moulton-Barrett, M.D. The internationally known and acknowledged surgeon holds the rare distinction of being board certified in two distinct surgical specialties, The American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and The American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

Wound surgery options include tissue transfer, skin grafts, microsurgery and much more. Recovery times may vary.

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