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While it may appear that large breasts are one of the most common occurrences here in California, the truth is that natural voluptuous breasts are pretty rare. Most women turn to cosmetic surgery to achieve the appearance they dream of. Breast augmentation is an incredibly popular form of cosmetic surgery, and provides thousands of women with the higher self-esteem that is associated with feeling good about the way you look. There are several things you should think about before making a decision for or against breast augmentation.

  • Breast implants are available in both silicone and saline solutions and are generally placed directly beneath the existing breast tissue. Some people prefer to have the implants inserted below their chest muscle, but you should know that this placement causes much more severe post-operative pain than a submammary placement does.
  • How big are you thinking? Cup size is how many women interpret their breast size, but the truth is that cup sizes vary from store to store, and are an intangible way to measure a picture in your head. Instead, try showing your surgeon a picture of other women who have a breast size you think is ideal for yourself. Another great way to interpret your desired implant size is to try the new look on! Fill plastic bags with pre-measured amounts of water and try it on with a larger bra. Try on your favorite t-shirt to see if the new size meets the expectation you have in your head. Many women after breast augmentation complain to their surgeon that they should have gone larger, so making sure you know exactly what you want will prevent disappointment down the road.
  • Overall, most women are incredibly happy with the results of their breast augmentation. Directly after surgery you should expect a bit of swelling and your doctor may prescribe you pain medication to cope with any post-operative discomfort. In many cases drainage tubes are left in for several days following the procedure, and you should expect your breasts to be covered in gauze for several days afterwards as well.

There are several risks associated with breast augmentation, including infection, bleeding and deflation. In many cases breast augmentation is reversible should you change your mind down the road, but removing the implants is a painful and complicated procedure. Before having any cosmetic surgery it is crucial that you are 100% positive that you are ready and willing for the change to your body. If breast augmentation is something that you are seriously considering you should schedule an appointment and talk to your doctor today.