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If you are considering having breast lift surgery in Brentwood, you should know that there are several different techniques and incision patterns today, each suited to different problems and desired results. While some of these incision techniques have been used for quite some time, others are still considered relatively new.

Here’s some information to educate you on the most common types of techniques used in today’s breast lift cosmetic surgeryprocedures.

  1. The Lollipop Lift – For women who have moderate sagging and don’t want breast implants, the lollipop lift technique is a good option. Known as a keyhole incision, the incision is made around the outside of the areola and down to the breast crease.
  2. The Anchor Incision – The anchor incision is the oldest technique out there, and is often used in combination with a breast reduction. It tends to produce more scarring than other breast lift techniques. This is the technique of choice for women who have severe sagging, which less invasive procedures won’t be able to correct. The incision is similar to the lollipop lift incision, but the anchor incision includes another horizontal incision along the breast crease, which is referred to as the anchor.
  3. The Crescent Lift – Here, your Brentwood surgeon makes an incision above the upper half of the areola in a crescent moon-like shape. Because it cannot provide the same amount of lifting as some of the other techniques, it’s suitable for women who have a very small amount of sagging.
  4. The Donut Lift – This incision technique gets its name from the incision being made only around the perimeter of the areola. Women who have a mild to moderate degree of sagging will be best suited by this technique. When used in conjunction with implants, the donut lift cosmetic surgery technique provides an acceptable result for women with pronounced sagging.
  5. The Scarless Lift – This technique is best suited for women who have very little sagging. Even though these procedures are touted as “scarless”, there still is an incision, albeit well-hidden or small. The scarless lift is often used in conjunction with other procedures like breast implants, smart lipo or thermage.