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  • Abdomen & flan
  • Bra fat
  • Underneath the buttocks
  • Upper arm
  • Under the chin
  • Thigh
  • Back fat
  • Love Handles/Flanks


Have you tried all the best ways you could to attain the physique of your dreams but still can’t get rid of unwanted body fat? Have you tried nutritional meal plans, gym programs, weight loss tips, and have a healthy lifestyle and yet there are some areas with unsolvable dangling layers of extra skin-fat? If you answered yes, then keep on reading as we will uncover the excellence of this new slimming technology. 


Let’s have a quick anatomy recap about the adipose tissue though we will concentrate solely on one particular location. Fat hidden just under the skin is called the Subcutaneous Fat and not connected to obesity-inducing diseases. Fat cells divided into two color categories: brown and white. Brown fat cells or BAT is known to have a large number of mitochondria a.k.a the cells that create heat and transform into energy. Brown Fat is also metabolic, makes it easier to burn fat while doing some physical routines. On the other hand, is the WAT or White fat cells serves as the thermo-insulator for the body and helps to keep you warm and are subcutaneous. The good news is, the solution is now available in Walnut Creek, CA and it is called CoolSculpting.


CoolSculpting is one of the latest fat-reduction procedures under the Non-invasive Category, which means no surgical apparatus will go under your skin – especially if you are not ready yet to face the needles, knife, and pain.

Every clinician that offers this cosmetic service has a specific applicator or medical device to implement the Cryolipolysis method (cryo ‘means cold’ + lipolysis ‘the breakdown of fats and other lipids by hydrolysis to release fatty acids’ from Wikipedia) that freezes and vacuumize the adipose tissues or fat cells to destruction.

The good part of this Cryolipolysis is that the only affected are fat tissues, leaving the skin, and other related tissues safe from the damages. This CoolSculpting technology developed with the help of the insights from Harvard University dermatologists, Dieter Manstein, MD, Ph.D., and R. Rox Anderson, MD – who discovered atrophy on the kid’s cheeks after sucking icy popsicles. This discovery leads to the awareness of how the fatty tissues react when in contact with the cold temperature – become frozen and removed – causing small dimples to develop. Thus, it leads to the birth of the well-reviewed fat-reduction-slimming technology.

Results and patient experience may vary.


Undergoing the ColdSculpting in Walnut Creek does not mean the fat will never come back. This method is not an alternative weight loss solution to improve overall health.  It functions as a fat-reduction majority for aesthetic and slimming purposes instead, so one should take their healthy lifestyle seriously. Health must come first before beauty. Otherwise, it will be a waste of effort. Well-maintaining the health from the inside will help enhance this procedure’s success. Here is the list of other benefits:

♦ FDA-cleared so it is clinically safe

No surgery, no downtime – alternative to liposuction 

Improves Body appearance

Freezes and removes fat cells

♦ Safe  – you can relax while the applicator does the vacuum

Pain-free  – fast recovery period, patients can get back to their normal routines after the treatment

♦ Helps to gain your confidence back



With Coolsculpting that targets and destroy only the stubborn fat, this cosmetic achievement is not limited to help ladies alone. Even the gentlemen with love handle problems will benefit as well. 

The following areas can be treated:

  • Submental Area or the Double Chin
  • Bra Bulge-ins for women
  • Upper arms
  • Flanks/Backside
  • Abdominal
  • Love handles/Muffin Tops
  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Banana Rolls

Candidate #1: Your effort in the gym is well-praised by your instructor, but the problem areas don’t respond well.

Depending on body shape and type, for some people, it is harder to lose weight than for the others. Even after achieving the target number, the jiggly fat pockets are still visible. Those with an already slim figure is still affected by fatty sockets and need to polish the areas that are not proportionate with a fab bod. Getting those unresponsive fats to burn is like pushing the big wall – you get tired, but the wall did not move. So, considering the CoolSculpting could be a solution.

Candidate #2: You are Not a fan of Liposuction

Many patients consider CoolSculpting (non-invasive) as a counterpart of Liposuction (invasive) though they are different treatments. Liposuction is a surgical procedure.  Coolsculpting is a non-invasive treatment, which freezes subcutaneous fat.  Call to schedule your free consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting.

Candidate #3:  It’s Subcutaneous, not Visceral Fat

Back into the anatomy topic, one should know how to differentiate between the visceral and subcutaneous. Visceral fats can only be determined once a patient undergoes specified check-up. On the other hand, subcutaneous fats are those you can feel by grabbing, pinching, and pulling, especially on the girt areas and are easier to target for the fat-removal treatment. If you have subcutaneous fats, then the CoolSculpting is right for you. 

More and more candidates can qualify for the treatment. The best recommendation is to schedule a free consultation so we could evaluate and determine if you are a good candidate for coolsculpting.

How many treatments do I need & when will I see results?

Each of us has a unique body features, so you must not expect the same results. Some results, show within three weeks of the first session. However, the majority of results gradually observed within two to four months of treatment. It still varies with the person though, on average we do one to three sessions per each area you want to reduce.

Like mentioned above, if a patient is generally healthy, working out regularly, and eating nutritious food – the results are stunning. Relying too much on the machines to help you out will not be as beneficial if you did not take care of your overall health first. Thus, proper medical consultation, diagnosis, and cooperation with your doctor is a must.

What to expect during the treatment?

 Each treatment personally tailors to your particular situation. Here’s a brief overview of the overall procedure after the consultation stage:

  1. The assigned clinician will cleanse the area for treatment
  2. After locating the accumulated fatty tissue, the clinician will mark the treatment area. 
  3. Next is putting particular Gel Pad to guard the skin against the skin trauma caused by the applicator’s suction.
  4. The applicator placed on the marked location. It will start to freeze the fatty tissues with controlled temperature and suction movement until the required time limit.
  5. After removing the applicator, the clinician will massage the area to breakdown easily and allows for faster lymphatic drainage.

During the session, the patient may feel a little discomfort on the first time the applicator comes in contact with the body. Best described as not painful but a little bit weird and cold feeling. Still, depending on the person’s characteristic, you can feel chilling (pun intended) and relaxed the whole session. Many patients and even clinicians who underwent the process informed that they slept, watched television, use phone and do other transactions while they lie on the bed. Those with sensitive nerves can feel ticklish especially during the massage session.
Aside from that, there is no downtime, and the recovery is fast. You can get back to your daily routine. There can be burning, tingling sensations, numbness, cold, aching and cramping but as always, it is tolerable in nature. Some fair and sensitive-skinned person can also experience petechial changes and broken capillaries, redness, bruises that lasted within the first three days or depend on the patient’s skin characteristics. 

What are the different types of Coolsculpting applicators?

There are four types. Each applicator comes with different options for contour, and shapes for different bodies:

  1. Large Applicators for Plus size areas and body shape such as the abdomen, flanks, girt areas, and oblique
  2. Regular Size Applicators, for thighs, legs, and banana rolls
  3. Mini Applicator for the submental areas or chin
  4. Petite Applicator specifically for the upper arms

Have a consultation today so we can determine which solution, applicator size, time-limit, and the frequency of the session is best for you.


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