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It’s not always how frequent your food intake is to blame alone that contributes to having unwanted bulges in your ‘almost perfect physique.’ Other factors can also include the heredity of genetic conditions in the family, the metabolism, and lifestyle. Some thin person can eat as triple as the other person and yet remain skinny. On the other hand, some persons can still gain a little weight even if they controlled their eating habits. Though the overall package of being a pleasing person is not about the looks, the attitude and intangible characteristics of positive outlook and bright personality, still, is devastating to some who need to polish parts of their body due to excessive tissues and tenacious fat.

CoolSculpting is the newest fast-reduction procedures using the coldest controlled temperature to freeze out the fat cells in the Beauty market, and it falls under the Skin-Care Non-invasive Treatment.  There are two fat-cell categories the: Subcutaneous and Visceral Fats.

Fats stored just under the skin and not contributed by obesity is subcutaneous, while fats under the muscles near portal veins are more delicate and can show alarming signs to the overall health of the patient are called the visceral. Since the CoolSculpting principle lies on the Non-invasive side of the cosmetic treatments, it works to the nearest fat cells on the epidermis without the surgery, or leave any lacerated scars on your body.


  • Do you have a healthy BMI, but the outer part of your body says you look ‘heavier’ than your actual weight is?
  • Do you work out hard but the fats but not getting results?
  • Can you pinch, grab, and pull the stubborn fat in your arms, legs, and abdominal areas, back and male breast?
  • If ever you’ll undergo the CoolSculpting treatment, are you determined enough to maintain the healthy weight?

If the answer to most of the question is yes, then perhaps you are an excellent candidate for the procedure. By scheduling a consultation to evaluate your health condition, we will help you understand more about your situation. 


  • Submental Area or the Double Chin
  • Bra Bulge-ins for women
  • Upper arms
  • Flanks/Backside
  • Abdominal
  • Love handles/Muffin Tops
  • Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Banana Rolls
  • Male Breasts


CoolSculpting is not intended for WEIGHT-LOSS treatment. Instead, it is for FAT-REMOVAL aesthetics. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the only one prevention you can do to keep out unwanted bulges from popping up over and over.

There are some cases where you ‘plateaued’ your motivation to hit the gym, and that is a normal feeling, but the thing you need to push yourself further is to remember all the reasons why you want  CoolSculpting treatment in the first place. Your workout may not be as extreme as though you are competing to be Miss or Mr. Universe, but the hard work you’ve done so far and the benefits in your overall health must not be overlooked.


By choosing Rex Moulton-Barrett’s clinic for your CoolSculpting treatment, you will receive great care. 


  1. Body Part cleansing before the treatment.
  2. Sketch the outline on the patient’s skin using a marker for easy-applicator-placing later.
  3. Ensure the Gel Pad is intact to skin to guard it against the applicator’s suction skin trauma marks
  4. Placing the applicator to the appropriate area, start freezing the fatty tissues in cold temperature. Some take up 30 minutes, while others are an hour and a half depending on the severity.
  5. Removal of Applicator in contact with the skin next is the massage time for faster breakdown and natural lymphatic drainage. Caution: There may be some weird sensation but not painful because of the suction movements.

what about downtime

Though there are some after effects from the treatment like the cold feeling, the most common are visible bruising and broken capillaries that can last up to three days. Some may experience numbness, tingling sensation and you should discuss the whole expectation versus reality to the professional team you want to work with your cosmetic treatments. The best part is that you can go back to your usual activities after you have completed the treatment. So there is no downtime.

CoolSculpting Results

For some patients, one treatment could be enough to see amazing results, while for others, multiple treatments might be recommended. For more details about the CoolSculpting pricing, benefits, expectation, and other recommendations, schedule consultation today.

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