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Dr. Moulton-Barrett performs Head and Neck Reconstruction surgeries in Alameda and Brentwood, California. Learn more about these unique procedures and what you can expect from head and neck plastic surgery.

If you’ve had surgery to remove cancer from the head and neck or have experienced a severe trauma, you may require head and neck plastic surgery. These surgeries present unique challenges because of the variety of functions that your head and neck are responsible for, including:

Head and neck reconstructive surgery must always be performed in a way that preserves these functions as much as possible.

Head and neck plastic surgery may be done to restore function, improve cosmetic appearance, or a combination of both. In order to meet these goals, your cosmetic surgeon should have experience with:

Contact us today to learn more about head and neck plastic surgery and how we can help with your recovery.

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Head and Neck Cancer Reconstructive Surgery

Head and Neck Cancer Reconstructive Surgery










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